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  1. lynnfraley

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    I don’t see where to add my credentials but I have a BSN from Wayne State University. an MN from UCLA, a DrPH from UC Berkeley, a wide variety of clinical experience, am a speaker and am writing a book about women’s breast health. Like everyone here, I have credentials and experience, and have witnessed what goes on in the name of health care. We all need to be talking about it to our friends and anywhere we find appropriate so we can help turn the tide.
  2. lynnfraley

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    How do we fix a broken system like this? We go back to basics and see what works for healing. Surprise! It’s not all the drugs, procedures, and scans. To understand the origins of this debacle, we look back 100 years when payoffs were made. Schools that taught about homeopathy and herbs, for example (read about the real affect of the Flexner Report) were closed so we could have “standardized care” (read pharmaceuticals.) Of course we need standards but let’s be honest here. Nurses have been on the front line of healing for a long time and we see a lot of the con. Over-medication is a huge problem. We can talk about lifestyle choices when appropriate and fear and other emotions that drive patients to do what they do. Ask more about what the patient thinks and wants. Of course this is all antithetical to big profits but we are smart and well positioned to help patients get what most really want and deserve in a humane and compassionate way.
  3. lynnfraley

    Are Certified Midwifes still Prevelent in the U.S?

    As a nurse who was privileged to have a home birth with a great midwife, at the same time I was working part-time in L&D recovery, I can only say that the value that midwives offer is .. priceless! Follow your hearts on this. I know a midwife who was an engineer before she studied midwifery. The culture needs more midwives. We can all be talking about that as an option, raising the consciousness of the public that midwives offer safe births, and a different approach to birth.
  4. lynnfraley

    nursing career doubts-advice needed

    Good advice about working in an area that will familiarize yourself with a healthcare environment. The fact that your mother thought you'd be a good nurse is nice, and apparently imprinting, but maybe she never considered other careers you were also suited for. It's back to what makes you happy. Yes, you probably could be a nurse, but do you want that?