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kristyjo13's Latest Activity

  1. Baystate is accepting resumes for their new grad nurse residency program now for the July cohort. I applied and have an interview on March 23rd. Fingers crossed.
  2. kristyjo13

    Anyone work at Baystate?

    Hi, Baystate is accepting resumes right now for the new grad nurse residency program. You have to submit a resume and a cover letter with your top 3 unit choices. I submitted a resume on Tuesday and just got an interview for the end of the month. They are setting up interviews on March 23rd and 27th.
  3. kristyjo13

    Summer 2017- Concurrent UCF/SSC

    Today I received a preliminary denial email from UCF. It said that I do not meet the GPA requirement. I have been trying to get my final transcript evauluated since Jan 3rd, without my last two A's and grade forgiveness doesn't apply. They gave me a week from the denial to remedy the situation. I called admissions today and she said she updated it while she was on the phone with me. If it was that easy then why didn't they fix it the other times I called? My knights audit hasn't updated yet, but I'm hoping it will over night tonight. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone
  4. kristyjo13

    TEAS 6

    Kahn Academy has really great science videos, especially for A&P. It feels less like studying and more like entertainment. I was able to retain quite a bit from watching them. They begin with an overview and then have videos that break each body part/system down. They can be easily viewed on Youtube.
  5. kristyjo13

    Summer 2017- Concurrent UCF/SSC

    Hi, I have also applied for the summer 2017 concurrent UCF/SSC nursing program. I feel like I'm checking my application status and email every chance I get. I wasn't ready for the Teas test so I was going to wait and apply in April, but I figured I'd just take it, apply, and see what happened. I took the Teas 2 days before the application deadline, scored an 82.7 which I wasn't happy with but kind of expected due to lack of studying. My Cum GPA is only a 3.3, Science prereq 4.0. non-science prereq 3.75. My earlier college days left me with a GPA that had nowhere to go but up....lol Wishing now I had taken it more seriously in the beginning, but I lacked motivation because I didn't really know what or who I wanted to be when I grew up. Since returning to my college career as a grown up I've worked my tail off trying to get my GPA up enough just to be eligible to apply, so my 3.3 is much higher in my eyes. I wish it were my eyes reviewing the applications. The stats on the UCF page seem lower for summer than spring and fall so I'm hoping that works to my advantage. I keep saying that I don't have my hopes up, but secretly I do....I so want to get it!!! I have worked so hard to be able to submit my application and I know that you can relate. Good luck to everyone!!! p.s. 6-8 weeks just seems like punishment.... especially since it's only been a week. Impatiently waiting..................

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