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  1. FuturePsychNP21

    Pre nursing student has a question for current RNs

    Going to have to disagree with the second paragraph, I personally don't think there's anything better than seeing a patient come in to the psych unit unable to function and leave stable and with a support system built up around them.
  2. FuturePsychNP21

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    If you are able to prioritize studying during the week in order to have Saturdays open for work then you should be ok, personally I liked having my weekend open so I could study one day and have the other day off (or sometimes study both days if there were several exams coming up). You start clinicals your second week of class the first semester!
  3. FuturePsychNP21

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    The schedule during MDE is very busy, you will pretty much always have class from at least 8-5 Monday-Friday (some evenings you may have simulation and have to stay later). In addition to that time in class, you will have a lot to study outside of class hours. I would highly recommend not working during the program if you are able to avoid it, but if you need to then try to make sure that your part time job is aware that you're in an accelerated program and they are flexible with your work schedule. If you are also planning on doing the DNP, working during the DNP is very doable and most people do!
  4. FuturePsychNP21

    Applied for a position that is now on hold

    If I were in this situation I would start looking for other opportunities but still keep your application in their pool. There is no rule that you can't pursue other job openings while you wait to hear about the hiring hold so it doesn't hurt to keep all of your options open. If you end up getting another offer and accepting it then you could withdraw your application for this position.
  5. FuturePsychNP21

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Yes I am in the psych DNP! I just started it so cannot really give much of an opinion yet (I have found that the first semesters of nursing programs tend to be introductory and not really give as much indication of how the rest of the program will be - just my experience), but I will say that I'm excited about my upcoming clinicals and courses! Graduates often get connections with their clinical sites here in NYC, but now that we have a residency year many people will probably be working at their residency sites beyond the year required for the DNP. Residency can be done anywhere in the country and in any setting that is willing to take you (inpatient, outpatient, residential), so it really depends on your interests.
  6. FuturePsychNP21

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    I received the MDE scholarship ($27,000) and the MDE-DNP seamless scholarship ($40,000), but no outside scholarships. It is very expensive even with scholarships and you really have to weigh if your ultimate career goals will be benefitted by attending Columbia vs. a more inexpensive school. For me as a psych student, I really wanted the diverse clinicals/patient populations that come with working in NYC and global opportunities during my program, both of which I have gotten here. Also, I was not eligible for any federal financial aid because I used it all on my bachelors, so having a direct entry Masters degree made the most sense for me! But everyone's situation is different.
  7. FuturePsychNP21

    Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Jumping in here late this year but I am a current Columbia DNP student (finished MDE last year), feel free to message with any questions!
  8. FuturePsychNP21

    ABSN vs. Direct Entry MSN?

    I actually am doing my DNP at the same school I did the direct entry MSN (I was accepted to both when I applied) but I can't imagine it would be super difficult considering many NP programs take applicants with their BSN and RN license and the MSN has all of the same classes as the BSN plus a few extras. If you did an MSN for your NP instead of a DNP, the only issue I can think of is that the school may want you to take some of their masters courses even if you already took them in your first MSN program.
  9. FuturePsychNP21

    ABSN vs. Direct Entry MSN?

    Going to play devil's advocate because I just completed a direct entry MSN (and am now doing a DNP program). The direct entry MSN, unless Hopkins has a specialized track, should be BSN classes plus a few extra classes in leadership and research. It does NOT require you to specialize in a specific field or limit your options of where you can work after graduating, it just prepares you to take the NCLEX-RN. With that being said, MSN programs are more expensive, I personally did one because I was not eligible for any more undergraduate financial aid (and ABSN programs are often super expensive too). One perk is that a lot of jobs will pay you slightly more with an MSN (though this shouldn't be the reason for choosing one over the other since it is not a super significant difference).
  10. FuturePsychNP21

    Just got accepted to nursing school and I'm not excited.

    Then don't go? I don't understand the question..
  11. FuturePsychNP21

    Which of following patients is at highest risk for fluid overload?

    Since you aren't going to get to take your exams by posting on internet forums (or the NCLEX for that matter) it would be really beneficial for you to listen to the advice you are getting on here and put the thought (your own thought) into answering questions before coming on here for answers
  12. FuturePsychNP21

    Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues

    I have a bachelors degree in psychology with a small amount of loans from undergrad (and that was after working three jobs the entire time I did my bachelors). I worked one of the highest paying jobs available to me in the area with that degree and was only able to save a little , in the length of time it would have taken me to save up for a nursing program and all of the living costs during that program I would have wasted many years that I could have been earning an NP salary. So yes, I am taking out loans for now and they will be paid off within 5-6 years after I graduate, which is a much faster path than saving and going through several degree programs.
  13. FuturePsychNP21

    Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues

    I never got a notification that there were replies on this, but the average psych NP salary in the area I want to work in is $142k. I lived in that same area easily on $30k working out of undergrad, so live like I did then for a few years and put the bulk of my income into loans. No one who has graduated from my program has taken more than 7-8 years to pay their loans off so far.
  14. FuturePsychNP21

    How has nursing changed you?

    This is wrong on so many levels. It is 100% UNETHICAL to impose your religious convictions on a patient who has not personally told you that they share the same convictions as you. You could have easily made this man's final moments frustrating and upsetting and if you became a nurse purely based on religious convictions I would highly suggest a different career. Nursing is not, and will not ever be, a religious profession- when you are at work your beliefs and opinions stay outside of the hospital doors. Your focus is on your patient, their beliefs, their needs. If your patient doesn't believe in the same thing you do then you focus on helping them using THEIR beliefs.
  15. FuturePsychNP21

    Columbia School of Nursing MDE 2018

    As acceptances come in, feel free to message with any questions! Congratulations to those who were accepted (: