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  1. Rn to BSN July 3, 2017

    I was supposed to start July 3rd but didn't get my ATT until July and therefore didn't take the NCLEX in time. I am starting at the end of this month!
  2. Need shopping help for graduation!

    I graduate May 5th and I have been looking for a white dress (short enough to not be seen under my graduation gown) and a nice white scrub uniform for pictures. Any websites or links to check out would be greatly appreciated!
  3. RN to BSN programs?

    Any suggestions for RN to BSN programs? - Must be all online - Must be accredited - Preferably able to complete in 12 months. I graduate in May with my ASN and I have to wait 2 months to take the NCLEX. A year after that, my SO will be returning f...
  4. ACLS Help!

    Thank you, knowing I'm not the only one to not "get it" instantly makes me feel a little less anxious. Suggestions on what to keep in mind while studying is also helpful! So i appreciate it :)
  5. ACLS Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm a 4th semester nursing student looking for some advice/resources. Unfortunately, I have had a very hard time making anything pertaining to EKG (for example, rhythms and what exactly is happening in the heart when there is an arrhythm...