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  1. NurseJ04

    Single mom and nursing student

    I am a single mom as well BUT I have an AMAZING family that helped me, without them I would've never made it through this journey. I truly don't know how single moms without any support do it, but I've seen it and it can be done. Women with 3-5 children and no family to lean on. Best of luck!
  2. NurseJ04

    Gossiping at the workplace

    I don't really have anything to add, but I am a new nurse and thankfully will be leaving my LTC LPN job soon for a RN job in a hospital. I only worked every other weekend at my LPN job but now that I am there more since school is done, the gossip is incessant. Morale is overall poor, everyone talks about everyone (including management) and some people have just gotten downright nasty. I am usually pretty good at ignoring it or just listening but admittedly I have gotten caught up a time or two. Our staff is very small so it's hard to escape. It's making me pretty miserable as well. Hang in there! (And yes I realize there will most likely be gossiping at my new job, but hopefully with a bigger staff it will be easier to avoid.)
  3. NurseJ04

    What is your dream job?

    This. I know someone who works for a restaurant in the resort town I live in and they have an amazing wine list. This person's job is to literally travel the world trying different wines. Sign me up!
  4. NurseJ04

    Am I too old to become an RN??

    35 is absolutely not too old. I just finished at 30. An old employer of mine said "You'll be 30 with or without the degree, so you might as well have it." I had several class mates in their mid 40s. Good luck!
  5. NurseJ04

    Fidget Spinners

    My daughter has been begging me for one, but all of my teacher friends just say they are a distraction more than anything else. I think she's getting tired of hearing my firm "no."
  6. NurseJ04

    Should NP training be standardized?

    This. Totally agree (as someone who is pursuing NP school).
  7. NurseJ04

    Does "BSN preferred" mean "ADNs need not apply"?

    I would assume so. But of course there's a lot of factors. Is it a magnet hospital? What experience does each RN have? etc...
  8. Holy crap I'll take that little bit of information with me as I head into orientation. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I have heard atrocious things about MBON. Thankfully I haven't had any personal issues but I do know they never answer the phone.
  10. NurseJ04

    Does "BSN preferred" mean "ADNs need not apply"?

    I have wondered this too. So far, I've not heard back from any "BSN preferred" listings - AND I'm already enrolled in a BSN program (pending licensure, of course). I'm going to have someone look over my resume and cover letter, but I'm starting to feel discouraged.
  11. NurseJ04

    Are you about to graduate?

    Senioritis here too! 49 days until our last final. I am SO.OVER.IT. I just want to be done. I'm not even worried about my nursing class but having saved Micro for the last semester is killing me...please make it stop. And yes I find myself on the internet doing any and every thing BUT studying.
  12. NurseJ04

    MUSC New Grad Residency

    Just wondering if anyone has applied and heard from them yet? Also, anyone know when Roper posts their new grad positions?
  13. I was just talking to the HR recruiter at my local hospital yesterday (I graduate in May). They require 2 year contracts in ED, ICU, and OR. I was a dental assistant/oral surgery assistant for a number of years and I hated OR - that's just me. I too, would be hesitant to sign a 3 year contract. The penalty if you leave is 8k. I really want to leave the area badly so I've been going out on a limb and applying for new grad positions in the state I'd like to move to. If I don't get those, I think I'll just do med-surg or tele, get my year, and try again. I guess it all boils down to personal preference, but I can't stand the thought of being stuck here another 2 1/2 years. But as someone pointed out, OR is highly marketable if you'd ever like to travel.
  14. NurseJ04

    Really excited for my future

    Congrats! I took my pre-reqs 1 at a time to ensure I got A's (I was also working full time as a dental assistant then). I thankfully had no issues getting into my program. Best of luck to you!
  15. NurseJ04

    Slow nursing jobs? So I can go back to school.

    I work in an assisted living facility as an LPN PRN while finishing up my RN. 11-7 shift everyone is asleep and we just do hourly rounds, and help the ones get up in the morning who need the help. I study. Some folks watch Netflix. It's great money compared to my other friends who are LPNs in the area and not very stressful while I'm finishing this VERY stressful last semester of school. Good luck!
  16. NurseJ04

    MUSC Nursing Blitz

    Has anyone ever participated in the MUSC "Nursing Blitz" new grad hiring process?