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  1. Marlanea

    Failed Nclex AGAIN!!!!! HELP!

    Check out IV League Tutoring. They do both private and group tutoring, either in person or video chat. Additionally they have an NCLEX specific program that has a geat reputation. I have had a session with the owner, and she is wonderful!! https://www.ivleaguetutoring.org/
  2. Marlanea

    pre-nursing patho UTA-AP

    Hello! I took Dr. ******* for patho, and she was FANTASTIC!! I thoroughly enjoyed her class...For the class itself you don't really need the book, she gives you everything you need (and more) to be successful. I did use the book, but only as an additional reference, and you may need a patho book later in the program as a reference. Good luck with your studies!
  3. Marlanea

    UTA Online BSN 2019 Spring

    Marybel, your post made me check my email for the 400th time today! I got in AO Spring 19! Let the fun begin!!!
  4. Marlanea

    UTA Online BSN 2019 Spring

    I had to kind of search for it..."UTA CONHI Info Group"... Here is the mentioned post..."Y'all, a little bird told me that accepted and waitlisted emails for the Spring 2019 applicants will be sent to mavs email by the first or second week of September. If a little bird tells me otherwise, I will post here. REMEMBER you must accept your spot within 7 days of receiving that email. So start checking daily."
  5. Marlanea

    UTA Online BSN 2019 Spring

    Yeah, the two seperate threads confuses me too, LOL....I'm with you though, I can't take too much more!!
  6. Marlanea

    UTA Online BSN 2019 Spring

    Where are you seeing this?! I'm on their FB, and going crazy, LOL!!
  7. Marlanea

    Where are the nursing discounts?

    OK, So I am new here, and don't generally have much to say...But, really? REALLY?! I am a paramedic, and have been for almost 20 years. Most people that work in police, fire, and EMS have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Additionally, many of them are volunteers, and are serving their community in their "spare" time. Yes, no doubt being a nurse is physically, intellectually, and emotionally demanding. However, for the most part, nurses are well compensated and work in a safe environment. Such is not the case for police, fire, or EMS.
  8. Marlanea

    UTA BSN Online Spring 2019

    Hey Casey, I'm at Houston Methodist too - Hopefully we can start Spring '19 together!
  9. Marlanea

    UTA Online BSN 2019 Spring

    Hi ya'll! I was in Patho this summer too, and am DEFINITELY on the countdown for September!! I hope it will be closer to the middle of the month...but for the Sprin '18 group it was actually the first week of October Who's with me for Pharm in the fall? Any Houston peeps?

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