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  1. Hey everyone, I am considering moving back to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and was offered a job at UMC for $35/hour which is ~$10 less than I make here. I understand the pension is desirable but am wondering what the rate is at other hospitals in the area. I'm sure a lot of them are on a hiring freeze right now, just like my hospital is, so I thought I would check here. I have 3 years experience on Labor and Delivery as a BSN RN.
  2. Chelsea.K

    Nurse Apprenticeship counts as experience?

    Sorry about that, let me expand. The hospital I work at employs you while you are in school to practice clinical skills under the supervision of the charge nurse and other staff nurses. I essentially get 1 patient to focus on during my 12 hour shift. I can give daily meds (except for some) and assist with any procedures there may be.
  3. Hi everyone! I am currently a Nurse Apprentice at a Children's Hospital and have been so since August of 2016. I will be graduating in June and will be relocating to the Los Angeles area. On a lot of the postings online, I see requirements for 1 year of experience or the need to enter a residency program. CHLA is a hospital I am very interested in but from what I read online, they have a 22 week residency with pay under $25/hr. I am wondering if my paid apprenticeship will count as nursing experience in instances such as this. I am not against a residency program at all but it would certainly be hard for me too afford for 22 weeks while being new to the city.