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  1. Doobyk

    For those who have taken NCLEX RN

    My computer shut off at 77 questions. I thought very similar to you actually! Listen to extra pickles who kindly talked me down yesterday! I found out this.morning I passed!
  2. Doobyk

    Nclex tomorrow! Need suggestions

    I did am only about 75 questions the day before. I figured if I didn't know it then I won't know it. Ifor you want to review stuff I'd do the really basic foundation stuff like electrolytes and acid-base. Make sure you have that down pat and it'll make higher level questions more manageable. Good luck!
  3. Doobyk

    77 good or bad?

  4. Doobyk

    HURST Q review grades

    I went to the 3 day live review, watched all the specialty videos then watched a few of the core content videos. To be honest, the website was pretty glitchy for me so I didn't waste too much time refreshing it and trying to get it to work. I spaced my Q Reviews out over the last week and a half before NCLEX. Did the last one yesterday. They recommend a 77/125- I had 3 above and 3 below. Honestly, I feel with Hurst it was a toss up how I did. In school we used ATI and my comp predictor said I had a 99% prob. of passing. I feel ATI was much easier questions than Hurst who I thought of all the quiz banks had the hardest. As for me passing, I hope so! I did the Pearson Vue trick and it gave me the good pop up. I hope this indicates I did indeed pass! Best of Luck!
  5. Doobyk

    77 good or bad?

    I'm hoping for well! Either way I'll post my result here as soon as I know! I hate reading these threads and not knowing how things turned out.
  6. Doobyk

    Nclex Partner

    Um sorry to hear this! Have you used any prep course? How are you doing on practice tests?
  7. Doobyk

    HURST Q review grades

    Hmm well as someone who just took boards but don't have results I can tell you my questions on boards were 'easier' but not by much. I took Hurst and my scores ranged from 71/125 to 86/125. I felt like they helped but I definitely used other quiz banks. I dint know of what I've said helps but I wish you well!
  8. Doobyk

    77 good or bad?

    Thank you! I needed that reality check :) I've just been thinking about this and it's really helped me. Also, I've been thinking how the algorithm decided at 77 questions it could determine if I passed or fsiled. I felt fairly confident on quite a few questions so I should take that as a good sign, right? Thank you again!
  9. Doobyk

    77 good or bad?

    I took NCLEX this morning and it shut down at 77 questions. I did the Pearson Vue trick about 3 hours after I was done and it popped up as "good" but as everyone does Im having serious doubts! I know there were a number that I definitely knew, and no questions left me completely blank. Good/bad signs? This is more my anxiety speaking any anything else Has anyone heard of people failing with 77 questions?