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  1. Any updates from you? Are you currently working now or has ever sit for any of the exams?
  2. Find any job first to support you such as working as a Med Tech in a Nursing home or any job that you would think will help you financially. Before getting to the field as an RN, you would have to go get your eligibility to sit for NCLEX RN exam on the state where you will be applying. This is the very first step. To get the eligibility, you have to apply for it and that would cost some money. Start from going to their website, fill out forms needed and make sure to get your credentials from your foreign school that you have attended and pass all the requirements to BON. While waiting for your eligibility, get some job to support you to process your papers and a review class. I don't think you need to go and repeat the Nursing program since this would cost much. You just need to refresh what you've learned years ago. I know it's still there. You just gotta awaken it!
  3. fyxy24

    Feeling down about my first job

    I don't think you're wasting time since hiring managers are actually looking for someone who has acquired experiences related to their chosen field. It's always better than nothing. If I were you, I will use that time to grab the skills as well as building good references around which you think may help when you take your RN soon. It's always better to start somewhere.
  4. Has anyone know if there's any hospital here in San Diego such as Sharp, Paradise Valley, Scripps, etc is actually accepting walk in application for a CNA position? Secondly, has anyone self reviews here in San Diego for their upcoming LVN exam? Maybe we can be a study buddy.