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  1. NCTC Online LVN 2019

    You have to go to school every weekend for skills check offs, exams, and clinicals
  2. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    See you on nov 3
  3. NCTC Online LVN 2019

    Hey girls how's everything going regarding immunitrax? I got all mine completed. Hope to see y'all in orientation
  4. NCTC Online LVN 2019

    congrats..looking forward to meet y'all
  5. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    I am from Whitesboro, how about you ?
  6. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    Congrats for both of us
  7. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    I got mine too I'm shock
  8. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    Thank you. I don't know what color of shoes yet. Do you know anybody from the past that get in with 60's score on teas?
  9. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    Do you know the exact date when they will send out emails if you get in or not? It's my first time to apply.
  10. NCTC Online LVN 2019

    I did apply. I hope to get in.
  11. NCTC 2019 Online LVN

    I also applied didn't do good on my teas I only got 62%. The girl that I talked to told me that there are only 30 people signed up.