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    Question for BMCC students

    Just curious. Because I'm applying for Spring 2021 and am currently doing A&P 1 (aka BIO 425) right now and I'm kinda concerned about what if I don't get an A in this particular class. The required pre reqs for them are BIO 425, BIO 426, CHE 121, MAT 104 and PSY 100 I already have an A in PSY 100 and CHE 121. I know a B in A&P 1 isn't a bad grade, but (correct me if wrong) it's not competitive enough for CUNY or most community colleges(?) Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe there's some people here who got less than a A in A&P 1 (and 2) and got in?
  2. I'm currently taking CHE 121 at BMCC. I am planning to take A&P 1 (BIO 425) over 7 week Summer session. Mind you I've taken both A&Ps before, but I am retaking them because its been 5 years since I last took them. Can anyone recommend any good AP1 professors or ones I should avoid? Also, do you think, regardless of which professor, it will help me being that I already took AP 1 and 2 five years ago? Does it give me a leg up so to speak vs someone totally new taking AP for the 1st time?
  3. I actually posted this in the PCT forum last fall but got zero responses, so just trying my luck here. I've been in this field for 11 years, I started as an EMT and then I became a PCT for an inpatient psych unit. I work 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week, 4-12. Union job. Right now i make about $50k/year. I've been seeing some PCT hospital positions, particularly for ER and ICU that pay way more than what I make in Psych. I don't believe these are union based, however, according to indeed, pay for these particular positions are between $56k-$57k per year. This is close to what an entry level respiratory therapist or LPN makes here in NYC. These are also 12 hour shifts x 3 days a week (which would prove useful for work/life balance right now and later on, it would work with a nursing school schedule). Sometimes I see them listed as ER Technologist for the ER and ICU tech for ICU, but they're all PCT jobs with PCT duties. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that, in my psych unit, we hardly do any bloodwork on my 4pm-12am shift. It's mostly the morning shift that handles the bulk of it. The last time I drew blood was maybe 2 years ago and I had missed the vein. Don't get me wrong, since I've been there, I have had many successful draws but I've also had plenty of unsuccessful where I missed the vein due to lack of repetition. I am comfortable with everything else (Vitals, ekg, etc) except this. Being that these are medical ER and ICU jobs, I expect there will be tons more bloodwork and I am worried it might jeopardize my employment there. I mean I could buy one of those $300 venipuncture flashlights that you hold against the patient's skin perhaps(?). I'm also concerned about ICU because I'm hearing a lot of negative things about it being very tough and dangerous to work in, perhaps that explains the high PCT pay for it? Any suggestions? Would you still apply if you were me?
  4. I just thought I'd update this. So i am pretty certain, 95%, on finishing my BA in Accounting as a "back up" and then either 1) ASN then ASN-BSN or 2) Accelerated BSN. #1 is the least complicated due to cost and work schedule. #2 may work if i get another PCT job that does 12 hr shifts vs 8 hr shifts. My reason for going this route is because my family deserves the best opportunities possible. Going straight RN may get me wait listed or perhaps i dont score high enough on the entrance exam. As anxious as i am to get back on the horse and kick chemistry and A&P's but this Spring, its risky and i have to put my family first...I've been working in psych for 9 years. Its dangerous, patients can get you in trouble. Ive been pretty careful but still... To spend another 3 years to get an RN degree without any back up while working there is risky. With that said im kinda wondering if i should have went for health information mgmt instead of accounting lol. I sorta just came across this degree and sounds interesting. WGU has it and its accredited by CAHIIM. If i wanted i could just switch to that, complete it in 6 months with my transfer credits, for $3000 (before financial aid of course). Then i could sit for the RHIA exam. Or i could just stay in accounting and finish in the same amount of time. I guess i figured Health info mgmt may suit someone like me with background in patient care(?).
  5. Hi im trying to see what would be the best option. Im looking at the following schools: ADN: BMCC or Montefiore SON. For both, i would need to retake A&P 1 and 2 plus chemistry then take their entrance exams. LPN: VEEB. Its an accelerated LPN program. Starts every september, 8am-1pm mon to fri for 11 months. This will be a 2 hour commute for me going and coming but its my best option for LPN because I work 3pm-11pm. All you need is to pass their entrance exam and you're in. No pre reqs. A&P 1 and 2 are included in the program, so no transferring outside credits. I was recently accepted to BMCC to retake my prereqs this Spring. My plan was to retake chem with A&P 1 in Spring, A&P 2 over the summer... Buuuttt I feel like this would be a waste if i end up getting into VEEB because they dont accept transfer credits? However you can transfer VEEB's A&P, etc. (Correct me if wrong) to Helene Fuld for LPN to RN. Should i just stick to one option (LPN or ADN) or keep using one as a back up?
  6. But should i be concerned with not being eligible for financial aid or tuition assistance for nursing if i finish accounting first?
  7. To answer your question, i like certain things about both of them, but i feel like I'm leaning toward RN a little more. My accounting degree would be done by June 2020. 5 classes left (2 in accounting and 3 in liberal arts electives). So basically one more semester left. I wouldnt be retaking a&p with my nursing classes, it would be before. I have 4 nursing options near me: 1. Stay where i am for BSN. Sciences dont expire here. I would just need to take gen chem, org chem, and hesi exam. 2. LPN and then bridge it. No prereqs needed. Just a GED-type entry exam. 3. Public community college for ADN. A&p 1 and 2 only would need to be retaken. Then gen chem, math dosage class, and KAT exam. 4. Private school ADN. A&p 1 and 2 only would need to be retaken. Then gen chem and KAT exam.
  8. Thanks. Yeah i already have most of the GE credits. All im missing is the Chemistry. If i go to ADN school i have to retake only A&P 1 and 2 cuz they expire soon, which i dont mind. The science creds at my 4 year school dont expire though.
  9. Roger that. Yes im currently eligible for pell. However my job/union has been covering 6 credits for me every semester. So my first degree (be it accounting or nursing) will end up being free (pretty much) and any 2nd degree (i.e. nursing) would have to be covered by loans. So i take your vote is to finish my first degree in nursing instead of accounting (?). May i ask what made you come back for RN?
  10. I hear what you're saying. I had looked into other healthcare specialties before deciding to go the accounting route. Namely respiratory therapy and occupational therapy. RRT has 3 schools in my area: A public community college with an alleged 2 year waitlist, a private 2 year college that costs $60,000 (again, for an AAS that will make me b/w $50,000-$60,000 to begin with), and a 4 year private school offering a B.S. but requires way more pre-reqs than nursing itself. OT, aside from the drawback of being a masters degree (and soon a PhD in 2025), has two schools nearest me and both require a crap-load of pre-reqs. When I picked accounting, I thought a) I could probably transition into the financial/business side of healthcare with it and b) Flexibility (i.e. Accountants are needed in every industry, so I could go outside of healthcare if I chose). I'd love to stay in healthcare but it's a matter of what to do next to a) progress further in it and b) is a good return on investment in terms of salary (not trying to sound materialistic, but I would be lying if I said money wasn't an important factor, especially when I have family to feed and take care of).
  11. Im in NYC. I've seen a ton of RN openings on indeed. I've also checked individual hospital career sites and RN is the one thing i see an abundace of. Two years ago, my coworker (also a med assistant) finished his ABSN and started working at our hospital as an RN 1 month later. Funny thing, he had a prior degree in accounting too, worked for 3 places, and decided to become an MA and pursue RN instead of the CPA. However, going by the consensus of what everyone is saying here, something is telling me i should finish the accounting as a back up.
  12. But the thing is my background is already in healthcare. I have 11 years experience. I started as an EMT and am currently a medical assistant. I can easily imagine that being a "no experience" problem for accounting recruiters. im sure it already has been all this time. Don't get me wrong, I've gone to my school's career center and they gave me a resume make over and they did their best to "tailor" my non-accounting experience in patient care. As a new grad nurse, correct me if mistaken, but wouldn't my 11 years in patient care give me a leg up so to speak? I mean im already working at a hospital. I work around RNs. Also, im totally in favor of working 12 hours x 3 days a week.
  13. On a side note, everyone.... I just received my 2nd post-phone interview rejection email for an accounting internship in the past 2 weeks now. First one was with a major airline company and this one was with an energy startup company. And these are just intern positions, not even full-blown accounting jobs. I mean WOW!, they can't give students a chance? Must be yet another sign pointing back towards nursing(?).
  14. That was my first concern, whether finishing vs. Dropping accounting would be the best use of my time. I guess part of me would feel like a dumbass or stupid for switching majors back to nursing during the last semester of accounting. I know my coworkers/friends are going to be like seriously? And probably call me indecisive and sarcastically ask me oh how much longer are you gonna be in school now? The reason they would say this is because this would be my 4th time changing majors (1st i was looking into social work until i realized how low paying it is for a masters degree, 2nd was nursing which i mentioned above, 3rd was accounting (present), and going back to nursing would be the 4th time I mean are those things i should be concerned about or am i making a big deal out of nothing?
  15. Congrats! I took Gen Chem in a huge auditorium with 200-300 people as well at my school. But i also took micro at the same school one semester prior to that and got an A. But then again, there's no equations to calculate in micro, and thats what messed me up the most in chem was those damn equations.
  16. Good point. I can definitely do that. That also works out well if i go the LPN route. Because, accounting will be done in June and LPN starts september and is only 11 months. Regarding chemistry, this might be a dumb question, but i wonder if taking it at a community college is any different/easier than at a 4-year college?

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