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  1. For those of who are current students of the AS in Nursing at Nassau Community College (in Long Island, NY), I have an scheduling question for you guys: In the day program, NUR 101-Fundamentals of Nursing, I see that lab (for one student I met) on Tuesdays is from 1pm-3:05pm. I'm wondering is this the only option they give you or is there an earlier lab time for that one?
  2. I've been in this field for 11 years, I started as an EMT and then I became a PCT for an inpatient psych unit. I work 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week, 4-12. Union job. Right now i make $49k per year. I recently found a position in a different hospital, also in the same union as mine. This one is in the medical ER dept and its 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week, 7pm-8am. According to Indeed, when you filter the salary option in your search, this pays $56k-$57k per year. However, the position title is not PCT, it's ER Technologist, but the duties are basically the same (EKGs, venipuncture, vital signs, etc). I'm tempted to apply because: A) 12 hour shift x 3 days a week, perfect for work/life balance and going to school (I'm applying to nursing school soon); B) More money. If Indeed is actually correct about this, then this position is overpaid. This is like what a entry level Respiratory therapist or an xray tech makes in my city. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that, in my psych unit, we hardly do any bloodwork on my 4pm-12am shift. It's mostly the morning shift that handles the bulk of it. The last time I drew blood was maybe 2 years ago and I had missed the vein. Don't get me wrong, since I've been there, I have had many successful draws but I've also had plenty of unsuccessful where I missed the vein due to lack of repetition. I am comfortable with everything else (Vitals, ekg, etc) except this. Being that this is a medical ER job, I expect there will be tons more bloodwork and I am worried it might jeopardize my employment there. I mean I could buy one of those $300 venipuncture flashlights that you hold against the patient's skin perhaps(?). Any suggestions? Would you still apply if you were me?
  3. Gotcha... so do you think I should hold off on sending the applicaiton/transcript for like 1-2 weeks so I can see if I have a good handle on the TEAS? Or just start sending it in?
  4. I previously took it 2 years ago and scored proficient (67). But the school I have in mind wants above 58% in all subjects. The only downside is that I scored 57% on the science subject back then. So now I'm gonna take it again. I'm applying for Spring 2020, the application period is September 13-October 11. They said I can start sending everything else (transcripts, application) but I will need to send the TEAS results to them by October 11. I'm just wondering if you guys think this time frame is doable or am I better off applying for Fall 2020 instead? I mean I'm game for trying to wing it by October 11 for Spring start but maybe you guys can talk some sense into me if you feel that I don't have my head screwed on properly. Last time around when I took this exam and got 67, I spent 2 months studying before I took it. I downloaded two apps ATI TEAS pocket prep and TEAS mastery, I also ordered the ATI teas study guide and should be here in 2 days.
  5. Does this mean i should delay my enrollment for the RN and LPN program that I applied to for Spring? If i do, then my only option is Fall 2018 to enter. Becsuse come spring 2019, my two A&P classes will expire.
  6. This is my last science class. I've already done A&P 1 and 2, micro, and nutrition.. The chem covered in A&P I didnt go as in depth as this. Exams 1, 2, and 3 in this class arent cumulative. But 4 (the final) is. I was doing well in this until they got up to ionic compounds and bond energy. Everything just got confusing fast at that point. I was on a roll - reading the periodic table, figuring out the charges, mass nukbers, number of protons/electrons/neutrons, Lewis structures, unit conversions, covalent vs ionic bonds -- all a piece of cake. Straight forward material.. But trying to read those compounds along with figuring out the names/formulas is like reading another language. I will definitely drop lec but finish lab. I started on khan academy last nite.
  7. Being that this school made it so Lab and Lecture are two separate grades that can't be combined, I would basically be withdrawing from Lecture but completing and passing Lab this semester, in order to retake Lecture by itself in Spring. Let's say I do that. That gives me only Fall of 2018 to get into any program. A one shot only type of deal. Because in 2019, my A&P credits are no longer any good. I would hate to have to retake those two classes again and delay my education even further.
  8. All my other pre-reqs are completed. All but General Chem. I have applied to 1 LPN program and 1 RN program for next Spring while taking General Chem right now. It's only been 1 month into the semester, we just had our first of 4 exams, and I got a 28. I am completely disappointed in myself. C+ in A&P 1 (could have been a B but different topic) B in A&P 2 A in Micro But this class... I'm at a loss for words. It started fine. Learning about how to calculate protons/neutrons/electrons/mass of an element, atoms and orbitals, groups, scientific notation, unit conversions... No problem. Very straight forward. But as soon as we get to balancing equations, picking apart compounds and polyatomic ions to figure out how much of this and this is in that formula, then calculating bond energy (oh boy lol).... I feel like my mind has been thrown into a laundry machine. Give me a medication problem or a statistics problem any day of the week. I can understand how SOME of chemistry can be applicable to actual nursing work, but bond energies? Dissecting complex looonnggg compounds filled with letters, exponents, coefficients, and parenthesis? Now, two things: 1) According to the syllabus, it says if you fail the first two exams, you should definitely withdraw. The deadline to withdraw is the 2nd week of November (the week after Exam 2). 2) On the contrary, General Chem LAB is a piece of cake!!! Unfortunately, my college has the bright idea of making Lecture and Lab for Chemistry two SEPARATE classes. Meaning your lab grade will not count towards your lecture grade as it did with classes like A&P and Micro. Otherwise, I might feel a little more confident about this right now. My two A&P classes will expire in 2019 and I don't want to be in school forever, I'm in my early 30s with a family, everything just feels kinda 'tight' right now and it feels as if I only have 1 shot to get this chemistry course right. My goal was to get into an LPN or RN program Spring 2018. I'm not sure how they would feel about me passing Chemistry Lab but failing lecture. Should i withdraw now or risk waiting until Exam 2 (the week before withdrawal deadline) to see if I can improve? I'm considering a switch to Health Information Mgmt or Accounting (in healthcare) if Chemistry doesn't work out this fall. Don't get me wrong, I would love to do nursing but I also don't want to stay in school any longer than I have to (I spent 5 years already doing general pre-reqs part time). But I have to pick something worthwhile and of interest to me if my main choice (nursing) doesn't pan out because of chemistry, I don't want to be stuck as a medical assistant for the rest of my life.
  9. You bring up a good point. Im not her official step parent meaning i never adopted her. We all just live togethee as one happy family and i treat her as my own. But the ACS report lists me as a "indicated subject"along with my wife (her biological mother). Does this sound legit? Oh and her biological father died a while back and was never in her life so he has nothing to do with this.
  10. Hello and please forgive me for the late response. Ive been held up by my final prereq: Gen Chem and trying to get everything ready for (possible) spring 2018 admission. By different career i meant something that might have nothing to do with caring for individuals? Im assuming, and correct me if im wrong, that this ACS thing would mostly come up in jobs that have to do with taking care of people. If that is true, then im assuming picking a career in say... Business... For instance, like accounting, would be safe in that regard? Im looking at it in the way of "how it would pertain to or relate to my ability to perform the job im applying to". About the acs worker. No we never received notice 3 yrs ago that we were closed with indicated neglect. The lady came to our house, talked with us, then called about a week later saying something to the effect of "if you don't hear from us within 30 days then the case is closed" i dont recall her exact words but thats close. We didnt find out until January this year when my spouse began working her new job in detox. 30 days after employment came the results of their background check. We immediately took action and have been ever since. Our lawyer is filing an article 78 for "late" amendments/expungements because its 3 yrs later and we never received initial notice back then. My stepdaughter is 18 now. The whole thing with the school is ended last year when we took her out. She decided she wanted to do her GED so we are helping her with that now. It would have been done last year but my wife lost her job and we were in a financial mess because of that. That school has a very serious communication problem and they have a somewhat half*** way of doing things. We had to take her out of there.
  11. Thank you :) By the way, just got off phone with NY BON. They dont do background checks for licensure (in NY), you just have to.check off whether you have misdemeanor or felony on the application. And each application is handled on a moral/individual character basis (i dont think im using the right words here, sorry im operating on lack of sleep right now). Being that my issue is neither misdemeanor or felony, im safe there. Employment is a separate matter and i would have to speak to each employer (of interest) individually. However, the BON rep informed me that employers would give you a chance to explain your case/situation.
  12. Thank you. Yes, I can understand what they were thinking from their perspective, without knowing what's actually happening. We replied to their auto-robot messages but the people in that office seem to have an issue when it comes to answering phones or being available. But we did go to the school and get to the bottom of the messages, that's what the initial meeting with the principal was for. The straw that broke the camel's back was when they sent us notice in the mail for a follow up meeting. A notice which came to us 2 days after the meeting, because we live in the basement apartment of a private house with no mailbox of our own. Our landlord just gives us our mail whenever its convenient for him. However, definitely calling these people tomorrow. I'm also taking TEAS tomorrow afternoon. So I'm kind of a nervous wreck. I'm fully prepared, study-wise, it's just that combined with this on my conscience is just... crazy.
  13. I'd like to thank you all for your help, I'm definitely calling BON and the school tomorrow. ECarr, I see what you mean. Well, not sure about that person, but in my case, it wasn't a felony. There weren't any arrests or anything like that. The whole thing closed in under 30 days. As you can see, it was all over a huge misunderstanding and bad set of circumstances (us not knowing right away that she was cutting class, the mail situation with our landlord vs. the school's assumption that we don't care, etc). See, the way that the school saw it (in their mind) is that they assumed we neglected our daughter's education by letting her do whatever she wants i.e. "Oh you want to cut class today, honey? Sure go right ahead! Stay home? Why not!" which is completely false. The biggest part though is ACS not giving us proper notice of the "alleged neglect" accusation when they closed the case 3 years back. Because if we had that, we could of got this amended less than 90 days from that notice. But anyways, I'm going to call these places tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  14. Thank you i will do that. I was just trying to see if anyone had similar experience here or have some knowledge of what is accepted and not accepted in BONs background process. But thank you very much :)
  15. What lack of responsibility?? This is mind boggling. We jumped thru all the hoops with her school and they practically did nothing to help the matter. Plus If the case worker told us it was closed with neglect 3 yrs ago we would have hired a lawyer then.
  16. Look i don't want to argue and im not trying to play the blame game but i am seeking resolutions to this matter. I understand BON is sworn to protect the public but that should be held for ppl who ACTUALLY abused and neglected others, not cases like mine built on misunderstanding/miscommunication. I know BON won't want to hear that but im saying it for you guys reading here. Does anyone have any helpful advice? My wife's career and mine are at stake here. I don't want our children to be raised in a cardboard box. If that is not neglect then i dont know what is.