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  1. KCMurse

    Should I become an LPN!

    I love being an LPN, I work in a skilled nursing unit my pts are from 40 and up. I get to take care of the same pts for a few weeks and all the way up to 6 months. So I get to use a wide variety still, I do everything from basic nursing care such as bed bath, toileting, helping with there ADL's, thankfully I have the help of cna's we usually split the program load, passing meds, performing treatments. I perform a wide range of treatments such as accu-checks, skin and wound care, care of tube and drainage systems, Cath insertion and care, iv cannulation and blood draws, injections, helping with a lot of range of motion exercise and equipment, use of polar packs, cpm machines, ekg, vitals. That's my average day a little and I pick up in our long term care center from time to just to use a different skill. With nursing the options are open and limitless on where you can go and what you can do with it. All the way form a school nurse, teach man or call classes, jails, prison nursing, long term care, rehab, sub acute hospitals, home health, pediatrics, clinicals and Dr offices, and hospice just to name a few . Compared to an ultrasound tech you are limit and a smaller pool of jobs. Hope this helps with your decision.
  2. KCMurse

    Denver LPN Concorde

    I graduate from Concorde - Kansas City campus June 15th and have a job offer for $26 in a sub acute rehab. Most my classmates have job offers between $23-$26 an hour. Nobody cares where you go to to school at all that matters is if your pass your boards and have your license

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