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  1. alyssa.triedl

    WA transplant to Chamberlain College

    Hello fellow to-be nurses! I was wondering if anyone is going to Chamberlain College in AZ that's from WA? I currently reside in WA and am looking at their May program. I was wondering if anyone would like to get together to study for the HESI A2 test or get coffee?
  2. alyssa.triedl

    ADVICE! Should I go CNA school and a&p?

    Hello fellow pre-nursing students. I'm taking a&P 1 at Bellevue College this quarter but I'm looking into CNA programs (specifically the one in north Seattle nactraining). I'm wondering what your advice is into taking the CNA program plus anatomy and physiology? Also I should mention I spend 5 hours each week volunteering with hospice patients too. Thanks!

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