Professors in practical nursing flex (centennial college)


Please can anybody help me...which professors are best in teaching practical nursing flexible program in centennial college, semester 1 & 2.

As i have to choose my timetable by knowing professors.


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Centennial College where? If you are in Ontario you would be better to post in the Canadian forum.

It would really be impossible for anyone to tell you who is the "best" teacher. Everyone has their own opinion.

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I am just about to finish practical nursing (flex) semester 1at centennial, and I had the worst anatomy&physiology prof, ******.. do not take his class. Also for English do not take ********. You can even use


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I just chose my timetable, ****** and ******. One of the guys who just graduated told me ****** is really really good.


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I paid extra money to take Communications in continuing education to lighten my load in semester 1A and 2A, the professor is great.

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Thanks for the reminder!


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Hi,i would like to ask you, how was the nursing flex? I am planning on taking it at Centennial in Sep/2015


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As for me , Flex is a better option. The schedule for regulare full time has 7 or 8 courses for the first semester and second semester, which is a heavy load, especially for those who have to work. Flex have 4 courses per semester, 2-3 days of classes every semester. But flex doesn't get four months summer off as the regular full time. Well, flex is also full time. Flex has six semesters and the tuition is higher since you have to pay for 6 semesters. Centennial held two workshops for the new students and some full time students changed their minds after the workshops and decided to change to flex since they plan to study and work at the same time.


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Is it every other day or is consecutively? Where can I get used books to buy


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Hi did you take it? If so how are the schedules?