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OK. Don't laugh at me for this question (too much).

I'm curious about my image as an FNP student. I love bright colors and cute accessories... I'm the nurse with the bright colored Vera Bradley bag, rainbow bell stethoscope, hot pink monogrammed clipboard, psychedelic compression socks, crazy shoes (Alegrias, Sketchers, ASICS, whatever I can find that is fun and funky), etc. As an FNP student, do I need to tone it down? Do I need to hone a more "professional adult" image? Should I tone it down to appear more serious? Does this really matter? Would love input from the peanut gallery- newbies and the been-there-done-that crowd.

(SIDE NOTE: I'm actually a "non-traditional" student, so therefore I'm certainly an adult. My hair is its *mostly* God-given color-- like I said, non-traditional student, gotta cover the gray! :sarcastic:--, my make up is neutral, I do have a small tattoo on my wrist, but it's covered by my wristwatch, and I am a conservative person in the Deep South LOL... So, my definition of "funky" may vary from yours')

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This will all depend on your clinical site. Some may not mind...some might.


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I think moderation is key. If you walked in with all of the above listed "funky" items, you may not come across as professional in certain practice settings, however, one or two of those things would probably be just fine (i.e. Rainbow stethoscope and "funky" shoes). There can definitely be a difference in what's acceptable from one practice environment to another (Peds vs specialty clinic or hospital).


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I honestly know what you mean. I have been looking at scrubs that I can make look professional in a way such as two colors (khaki and a solid color top) and I'm going to wear solid color Alegrias (the ones that are solid black or brown with impressed prints). I'm known for my crazy colored shoes at work but I'll save those for work. I think I may see if our school allows us to have a short lab coat.

I have a solid black stethoscope (master cardiology?) but I like my rainbow one (cardiology III) better so I'll keep the rainbow one. I am debating about whether to gift the black one to my sister like I did for with rainbow my classic II.

A handful of doctors do wear professional office wear but most of the ER providers wear scrubs. I don't want to work in the ER. I would rather wear scrubs as it is.

Oh, one NP used to have purple hair in the ER.