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If you decided to go the online nursing school route ,which school would you choose and why? What are the pro's and con's of your selection? All this information is going to a big group of undecided LVN's whom cannot figure out which school to go to. This will more than likley be the deciding factor....:uhoh21:


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It depends on how you want to pay for it (loans, out-of-pocket, or reimbursement through work)... if you want to write papers & have homework to help you as you go along, or want to take 1 exam to pass the course... if you need regular contact with an instructor or not...if you need clinical experience or not, etc. It's pretty individual, as everybody's needs are different. U of P and DCN are good if you need instructional support in the program, and they are both Title IV schools, so you can get federal loans/grants with them. EC is good if you are self-reliant, have a broad clinical background, and are paying out-of-pocket or doing tuition reimbursement. Your best bet would be to contact your state board of nursing and ask them what they require of you in your RN education. Then contact the schools and have them send you info packets. The three I mentioned above are all NLN accredited. Make sure that the school you pick is accredited, because I have been contacted by distance schools that aren't. Determine your needs and go with the one that suits you best. There's a member here called NewcastleKen that has written books on the subject of distance schools and has made comparisons. I would suggest PM'ing him, as he has a wealth of info on the subject.

Good luck to you! I'm a soon-to-be EC grad, and will probably be doing my BSN through U of P. I like the flexibility of distance learning, and once you get into the groove of it, it's great.


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I wanted to "bump" this thread because lgflamini said everything I tell fellow nurses about distance education. It is not for everyone, but research the options that best fit your individual needs. And don't do anything without checking with your own State Board FIRST! :)

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