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I am a new nursing student. I have an assignment case study. In the case, a patient have femoral artery bleeding, and we were asked to write two priority interventions for the bleeding. There are obviously a lot of things to do with this case like press to stop bleeding, give medication to stop bleeding , use medical device to stop bleeding, restore hydration, prevent patient from exercise, press the site when cough ect. can I write my two interventions as stop bleeding and prevent rebleeding? or these two are too general?

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I'm not sure what's required at your school, but, the nursing interventions are in the book with each chapter. We just have to use the ones that are specific to "EBP" (evidence-based practice).

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A nursing intervention would be what activities you are actually going to do to help stop the bleeding and prevent it from reoccurring. In your nursing diagnosis book there is a list of interventions with each nursing diagnosis with the rationale. If you do not have a nursing diagnosis book, I would recommend the one by Ackley. Amazon has free two day shipping for students. Let me google that for you

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Think basic....ACKLEY is a great care plan book...... apply pressure over the site as needed or appropriate, on the appropriate pressure site over an artery, and use pressure dressings as needed (Matteucci, Schub, & Pravikoff, 2011).

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At its simplest, a nursing intervention is one that a nurse would assess as necessary and implement without need for a physician prescription, based on the nurse's education and critical thinking.

Therefore administering prescribed medications, prescribed hydration IV, or using a prescribed "medical device," while some things a nurse is legally obligated to do, are not nursing interventions unless they involves a prn medication and/or a nursing assessment to decide on whether to use it.

Applying pressure, instituting and enforcing bedrest, teaching the patient why this is happening and what s/he can/should do, assessing peripheral pulse and capillary refill distal to the pressure point, and preparing to apply pressure before doing coughing and deep breathing would all be examples of nursing measures.