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Problem in Verification of License from CGFNS for TEXAS BoN


Hi. I need help. I received this from CGFNS today via email.

"Thank you for selecting CGFNS International, your trusted choice for all of your credentials evaluation and verification needs.

We received your application for the Credentials Evaluation Service. However, the following application material is needed to make your file complete:

Validation of your license/registration from Philippines. If you have not already done so, please request the appropriate agency to mail the validation DIRECTLY to CGFNS.

Please note that CGFNS International can not use the validation of your license that we received in 2014, as your recipient, the TX Board of Nursing, requires that CGFNS International only evaluate license validations that are less than 1 year old."

The VOL form that I downloaded from CGFNS was actually submitted from PRC and received by CGFNS in January 2015. I got my Philippine license last September 2014.

Right now, I'm clueless of what to do. Please help.

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JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Contact CGFNS for clarification. Clearly your license and the form are less than 12 months old. Perhaps its a human clerical error.


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Hi, I moved your thread/query to allnurses Nurse Registration forum as area for member advice on license application issues.

I'd follow JustBeachyNurse advice and contact CGFNS.

IF your prior Philippine license verification was done PRIOR to 4/13/14, you will need to submit new request.

This is why CGNFS Suxs, They have very poor customer service.

ERES is the best for customer service and if you do the quick evaluation then they are also a little cheaper