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problem with filling out online applications


Hi all! I'm filling out an application online and its my first time. The application is asking me for 'professional references'. easy right? but the thing is, I don't have previous work history except for when I worked at a fast food five years ago (and then the store closed some time after I left), and I lost touch of the people I worked with when I went to nursing school. Anyone else who is familiar with my 'work' capabilities and educational background are in a different country because I am foreign trained. SO what do I put down? I only have personal references in hand. help me!!! I really want to catch this career opportunity.

DutchgirlRN, ASN, RN

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i don't have an answer to your question but i do want to say that i have found that online applications don't work. i applied and applied online and never got a single reply. i printed out my resume, went to the facility, asked for the cno and was hired on the spot, pending my references.

my ds applied online for several large electonic stores and never got a single reply. he was doing a work/study program in high school and had to have 15 hours a week somewhere. it would have been his first job and he had no references. i told him, lets go and see the managers. we went to the first store, asked for the manager. my ds shook his hand and told him that he needed a job for school and couldn't get a reply online. the manager set up an interview for the next day and not only did he get the job, he got a mid-level job paying $12.50/hr rather than minimum wage. pretty good for a 16 y/o! he still works there and they are paying his college tuition. he's one of those computer geeks. the youngest they've ever had with the company, at that time. :D

good luck!


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If there's a place for a cover letter/resume, you could explain your situation. It's hard if you haven't worked for a while. I was home with children for many years and I had no professional references to put down when I applied for a job. I volunteered and gave them the name of my supervisor and also a couple of my teachers names. I found out after I was hired that the cover letters played more a part in getting an interview than anything else. They were looking for people who were enthusiastic about working with them.

Dutchgirl is right; some places are awful with online applications. One place I applied to several times never responded in any way--even an e-mail. Then when they called recruiting me after I graduated from NS, I flat out told them no and then told them why. If HR was that difficult to reach, I didn't want to work there anyway :rolleyes:.

I think I like the idea of walking in and shaking the hand of the manager. hehehe

I'm not really sure if the Foundation prefers online applications over paperworks, but since i saw the job listing on their website I thought it must be necessary to fill out the online forms. But let's say, what if the HR gave you her card some times ago and told you that you can always email her your resume and cover letter? I mean we're not like close friends, just someone you happen to meet at a party? Can I approach her on email like she said? How do I go on emailing her without sounding desperate for the job or taking advantage of knowing her or sounding informal or something like that? I really wanna get hired!

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