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I don't know if anyone else is having this problem with SallieMae re: their private loans. I'm currently trying to find a loan to cover the difference that the Stafford Loan doesnt cover. SallieMae seems to be denying everyone. I havent found a co-signer that qualifies and my fico score is 751. They recently denied my dad whose score is 825. They basically told me that my score doesnt mean anything and they go off my credit report and this were their reasons for denial. I have too many accounts with balances. I have 6 accounts with balances, 2 credit cards that are paid off every month, my mortgage, and 3 accounts with salliemae for school. Oh and I dont have account longevity. My oldest account is 6 years, I opened it when I was 18 and now Im 24. I cant do anything about that! My husband makes too much, so I cant get government assistance. I am seriously thinking of getting divorced so I cant get help to go to school. It just seems like if you try to play by the rules that you always get tossed around.

Sorry for my ranting, Im just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. Thanks


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OH MY GOODNESS!!! I thought I was the only one having this trouble! I tried with Sallie Mae - and have very similar credit to yours with a similar co-signer - and still NOTHING!

I have even tried Chase - who we have our mortgage through and our personal bank accounts... NOTHING!

Please forward to me if anyone has any ideas also! I am short about $3500 for the year.

I would mostly be interested in scholarships and grants - but loans that are forgiving would be appreciated too!

God Bless!


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Yep Sallie Mae denied me and my co-signer as well! I was JUST approved for last semester, though I found another outlet instead of private loans for that time.

I believe the company is having financial difficulties r/t the economy, don't know any details on that. I and my co-signer applied and were immediately approved with Wells Fargo. Is that a possible outlet for you guys?


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It is just very hard to get private loans these days. I got my loan early last year and so I am happy, that I do not need more loans to finish school. I got my loan from sallie mae and I put that check in a separate account just for school. I prefer to be homeless and go to school and I told my children that they should try to keep up with me as I have a couple months left in school.


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I thought about going thru Well's Fargo but the only problem is that they use Transunion for credit checks and even though my husband has great credit, they had us a mortgage on a home we sold 2 years ago. So until that gets cleared (about early Feb) I dont really want to apply for anything else.

I think Im going to do a cash plan for the difference right now and when the credit gets fixed on my husbands account, then go apply for a loan at Well's Fargo. Im also looking into scholarships. I know hospitals have programs to where they will pay part of your tutition if you guarantee you'll work for them for X amount of yrs. I just dont like being locked into a hospital that I have never worked at.

My junior yr of school starts in August, so I will have to go thru this again, but with the 12500 alotted with the Stafford loans I should be covered. Hopefully with worst case senario I will only have to pay the $3840 for this year. Its just sad that the banks have been given all this money to stimulate the economy and now they dont want to give it to anyone.


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For those of you with a house, is a home equity loan possible? I don't think companies will be giving out private loans for a few more years, at least until the economy improves. Sorry you're going thru this. I feel the same way about playing by the rules :(


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Unfortunately Im in Nevada, the biggest foreclosure state. Everyone here is upside down in their home loans so there is no equity to pull. I bought my home 1 yr ago for $239,00 and its now valued at $160,000. Ugghhhh


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God I am soooo glad I saw this post!

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how my credit all of sudden has

went to poo because I got denied through Sallie Mae too!

I hope my mom can co-sign for me and get it to go through


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Unfortunately Im in Nevada, the biggest foreclosure state. Everyone here is upside down in their home loans so there is no equity to pull. I bought my home 1 yr ago for $239,00 and its now valued at $160,000. Ugghhhh

I feel your pain! I live in the Central Valley, CA... I bought my house 5 years ago for $295K... I'd be lucky if it was valued at $175K right now. When I started school 3 years ago - I thought I'd have my equity line to fall back on, but with the high rate of foreclosures in my county - I'm so upside down that I have nothing to pull from. **sigh** I'm going to try to make it on the stafford loans & p/t work.


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Exactly - 3 years ago we bought our house for $150,000 - Values for just around 100 K now!! No equity available - GGRRR


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this economy is so in the sh*tter,

I'm just glad they we are going into a profession with


People are always going to be sick,

so at least when we get out of school,

we'll be able to make our loan payments:hdvwl:


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you are not the only one...SIGH...I just found out that Sallie Mae is no longer offering their Tuition Answer Loan...This economy sucks...I don't know what people are going to do...I am having a hard time finding a job too...there aren't too many jobs out there to begin with, and when I do find one, it does not work with my class schedule :(

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