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Pro-rated MLA?


Good Evening Travelers!

I'm on a travel assignment, which I started on a Wednesday due to backed up paperwork on behalf of my agency and contracted hospital, and I noticed they pro-rated my weekly MLA. I'm wondering if I should address it, or is that a norm? Thank you:)

What is MLA, per diems? It should be prorated with your hours generally. If you work your weekly contracted hours, then all of it.

MLA is what they call Meal and Lodging Allowances. I'm contracted to work 40 hours full time for 4 weeks, however, it's the first time I've seen them pro-rate it. So I'm confused as to why and wondering if it's because I started during the middle of the week.


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If you work your 40 hours that week regardless of what day you begin, you should get the full per diem for the week ... I think.

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Oh ok, thank you both! Unfortunately, I worked less than 40 hours that week because they kept pushing back my start date.

Not your fault but understandable if they couldn't bill 40 hours. If they had provided housing however and the delay was not your fault, I would be pretty unhappy if they charged back the housing.


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That's normal. There is normally no guaranteed hours for the first week of a contract, thus no guaranteed numbered of days to receive MLAs.

Ned that's exactly what I was thinking, but thankfully I provided my own housing.

Thank you Rev, I wasn't sure since it's never been pro-rated before.