Thank goodness for my laptop! - page 2

or i would be so bored right now. my pt is sleeping up to 6-7 hours for the 8-10 that i am here. i would go bonkers if i didn't have my laptop. anyone else here have a pt that sleeps alot? if so,... Read More

  1. by   PediLove2147
    I work nights on one case and although I can't get internet they do have basically every channel known to man so I watch movie after movie.
  2. by   Tedman
    At work yes my laptop is a great tool!! The family actually suggested it and gave me the network code. I manage a mountain bike race team so it leaves me plenty of time to work on that in between tasks.
    I love my PDN job. 9-5pm, M-F, NO weekends. Getting more excited about PDN work. Thought it would be a temp job for a couple of years until I have my RN but with the baby boomers approaching eldery years I think the PDN market is going to explode. Seriously considering sticking with it. You can't beat the freedom and stress-free environment.
  3. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work days, but I oriented on nights. I couldn't access the family's wireless network, but they had cable, with on-demand, and they didn't mind me watching TV as long as the client was taken care of. I don't have cable at home, so I got to catch up on Mad Men (which I follow on Netflix).
  4. by   Miss Kisha
    Working the private duty peds and love it! Was supposed to be just a "until I get a "real" job thing" but I'm enjoying it, and this IS a REAL job. Sure only one day a week but I'm in a nice situation, group home, so never alone. Like a mini unit. We talk, I read, watch a lil TV, and go on all nurses with my iPhone. Take Care all.