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If anyone is in private duty nursing or has been, if you switched to something else, what do you do now? I want to make a switch but I feel stuck in PDN

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Following. In the same boat. 

Elektra6 said:

Following. In the same boat. 

okay good to know I'm not alone ? I've looked into aesthetics, lasers, IV therapy certification courses. I'm just not sure how to advance my career from here like you can in other areas of nursing. 

I became a school nurse after private duty nursing. It was so nice - day shifts, no weekends, easy to take days off, no guilt trips about aforementioned days off, lots of training opportunities.

There are a couple different kinds of school nurses too where I worked - the population based nurse (whole schools, infection control, and case management for students with DM, severe allergies, asthma, and seizures), the 1-on-1 nurse (for those medically fragile kiddos), and the complex needs nurse (who coordinated care for the more medically complex students).

I work on a medical floor in a hospital now because we've moved and I couldn't find a similar job - and I miss my school nurse job a lot... just a thought, especially if you were working with medically fragile children like I was.

Same.. following

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