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Private Duty Nursing Almost Family

Hello, I was recently offered a position to be a private duty nurse through Almost Family. I am going to meet the family soon. I really don't like asking pay per hour when I haven't met them yet but was curious if anyone on here has ever had a position like this and could tell me what their pay started at. Thanks in advance.

Pay for my private duty clients have been more than pay I get from regular jobs with agencies. The client broached the subject at the end of the interview.

TheCommuter specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

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This is very case sensitive. It depends on your degree, and location of services provided. It also may fluctuate if the case is a private pay insurance or it is Medicaid. All over the country nurses are paid different rates for different reasons. I suggest you redefine your role, and be sure to include hippa safe comments on what type of care/location if you are looking good to obtain further information.

One way to gauge a typical pay rate in your area is to call a private duty agency and ask what they would charge for the services you are expected to perform. One-half that number should be your starting pay rate.

Another method would be to call a private duty agency and tell them you are planning to begin work in the area, have experience doing the services you are expected to perform, and ask what is the typical rate of pay you might expect.


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