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Hi All!:)

Has anyone started their own private duty or patient advocate business? I am going for it! If anyone has any experience please tell me about it. If you want to know about my experience, email me or leave private message.

[email protected]

Thank you,

Anne RN

nightingale, RN

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I have not but it sounds like a good idea. I have actually seen adds on the internet for this sort of thing. Compensation sounds like it would have to be out of pocket? I do not know.

I have recently joined National Nurses Business Assoc. to network with other nurses who have started their own business. I do not know if they have anyone doing that but you could run a search for their website of try a search for keywords. Wish I knew of more nurses in entrepeneural avenues. We are not pioneers just a small percentage.

I hope another poster can give you some more direction. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.



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Thank you for responding. I believe there are many others they just have not found this site yet.

If others want help setting up there is a network of entrepreneurs at National Nurses in Business Association, Pat Bemis is President. Or [email protected]

It cost to join so I am not ready yet.

Also, also has a fee to join.

If you find these sites are worth the money to join, let me know.


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I know you can call Pat and talk with her without having to join. I think she will give you some feedback as to whether it is time or worth it just yet to join. She maintains a dirctory and can tell you what specialty people have and if anyone specifically can help in her association.


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Personally I cannot recommend independent RN. I joined in November and so far nothing worth mentioning. The jury is still out on NNBA.


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Thank you Sharon. I will cross independent off my list.



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I am a member of the NNBA and I have not found the organization to be helpful at all.

nightingale, RN

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What sort of information have you tried to get from them and they were not helpful?



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I just laid down the bucks to join the NAIN. I was hoping to be able to share all the knowledge I have obtained about being independent over these past two years with other members. I went to the members forum and someone had a post asking for help with medicaid nursing. That is were I started and replied to offer help. My post was deleted as were any subsiquent post. So much for the free flow of information for members. I still do not have an answer as to why my post are not welcome. I was hoping to help this association grow and work for all of us.


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