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Hard to have pity for people who behave that way, but that's probably all they really deserve.

I've come across a couple of those, in various work settings. Best to act like everything's hunky-dory and watch your own back.

They will, one way or another, get theirs.




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QUIT! if they are mistreating everyone, why do you stay there? You can get a job anywhere. say bye. good luck!


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I've been an rn 23 years now, and have expeienced or seen the same sorts of behaviors. Personally, I speak to any and all with respect for their humanity, but you must draw the line sometimes in a firm manner. This does not mean you join in bad behavior.

I have smiled with my arms crossed looking them in the eye, started singing an appropriate song to the situation, asked them to talk to me later when they are a bit distanced from the situation, quoted Shakespere, replied at length saying absolutely nothing (that's a great strategy if you are quick thinking), walked away, et.c ad nauseum. I have reported the incident to my super on rare occasion...but I have not attacked or abused nor humiliated another person (except in defense of the helpless)....and believe me, I'm no angel. I'm a load to put up with sometimes.

God gave us a great gift in exchange for self awareness, and knowledge of mortality...a sense of humor. Reflect on this, and capitalize on that gift. Good luck.

(What was it John Wayne said? "I wont be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to others, and I require the same...")

Snake P.S.---- Lawyers only complicate matters

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Krissy, no it does not seem strange that you feel you can become an RN. Of course you can.

I agree with another poster, you may have to cut ties with your father, even if it's only temporary. I grew up in a similar situation...was always to dumb, not pretty enough. Took me a while, but I proved 'em wrong.

It took a long time to for me to understand and forgive the abuses, but you can.

As far as your work situation, definitely get out of it. People who belittle others are usually threatened by people like you: a person who has a dream to better herself and has the will and drive to succeed. You go for it.


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the best revenge is to leave, be happy, go back to school and fulfill my personal and professional goals

You said it !!! I'm so sorry you have soooo many negative influences in you life hun..esp your father...I agree with the others..leave and break ties for a while..negativity breeds negativity...get your revenge and fool 'um ALL....BE HAPPYYYYYYYY...bets wishes (((hugzzzzz)))

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I started my new job and so far so good. The RN who is orientating me is lovely and I will be working the day shift (not 3 to 11)

It is a bit of a commute but well worth it....I want to leave my last experience far behind!

Thanks for all your help



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Hooray for you! :balloons:

You sound like you have a great head on your shoulders. Keep moving forward and do like my Grammy used to say:

"Shuck off them naysayers"

or in real speak "don't let anyone get you down!!"

I hope to be reading here in a couple of years and see you posting a notice that you have graduated from nursing school!

Best wishes to you in your future!!!


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I agree 100%, give the two week notice with a proper letter of resignation. Do not burn bridges. It will eventually one day bite you in the butt. As for your dad, cut that loose, you don't need that. The day will come when you call him up, tell him you are a RN, you did it, on your own! THE best reward....:rotfl:

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