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I am the one who has been contemplating going to a nursing home after working in a hospital as a nurse after a few years being on disability. I have heeded some of your advice and applied to hospitals in the field that I love and am used to. I have been successful and have some interviews. I am very comfortable with this decision that i have been agonizing over. Recently I have been told by a certain person, whom in the past I have referred to as family but has continually disappointed me in the past, that she does not think I am ready and am condemning me to losing my license. Honestly I really don''t think she deserves the title of being a second mom and I know i should not be troubled over her comments of negativity over what I am planning to do. However, there is a little part of me that wonders if she is right. I have other support systems who are in full agreement with my decision whom I actually see everyday and know that I am ready as much as I do. I cant help but to give her words just an hint of validity. Again, any words of wisdom would be appreciated.



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Don't let her negative remarks deter you. She is not the one who will be successful when you prove this is right for you.

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You go girl! Don't heed her bad advice. You can do it, it's like riding a bike but even with the new 10 speeds you'll pick it up fast. You go and don't let her hold you back!


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Don't let bad juju influence you...Do your best and God will do the rest...:)