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I have two very small children 2 1/2 and 10 months. I really want to go to nursing school at SPC(if accepted) but, I'm wondering the extent of the time commitment. I have heard that it is very hard, but I think it would be worth it in the end. I really hate to drop everything for this though. I still need to be able to be there for my kids. I think I can get away with working part time. Please give me an idea of how much of your time this consumed when you were in school. Thanks so much!


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You will need to devote as much time as a full time job because it is a full time job. Your time studying at home won't be so bad because your children will be there with you and you can take study breaks to be with them. Do it now or do it later, there will be times that you can not do family things because of school. Actually, you can more easily be away from the children now while they are little. When they are six or seven, it is more difficult to be away from them because they will be demanding more of your time.

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Agree. Going to school will be a full time job. Your occupation will be as a student. Do you know any relatives or friends that could help out?. caliotter3 is right, they are still young. I know mothers who had kids and made it through nursing school and became excellent nurses.

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I graduated nursing school in Dec 2009. I have two children 7 and 9 years old. It was one of the hardest things I 've ever had to do. It was alot of blood,sweat, and tears(literally)lol. It's very time consuming! I barely got any sleep and fueled myself on coffee and energy drinks to stay awake. I went to Broward College RN program. I had to go to lecture class, study,lab hours,do assignments,12hour clinicals two days a week(which by the way is a part-time job within itself minus the money) and more! The best advice I could give you is try to get a good support system (family,close friends). Nursing school is a BIG FULL-TIME COMMITMENT!!!! I had to quit my full time 9-5 job to go work as a massage therapist @a massage clinic with flexible hours but I found myself taking more days off than actually working. I survived financially by the grace of God! I agree it would probably be better to do it now while your kids are babies. My children were in school soo not only did I have to worry about my own education but their education as well. I had school projects and so did my children guess who's projects had to come first THEIR PROJECTS! It takes a strong person to complete nursing school it takes an even stronger person to do it with children! Soo if this is your dream go for it! I did it! Just brace yourself for the hardwork, dedication, and scarifice it entails!


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Well, I go to SPC and one of my classmates is a single mom of a bunch of kids and she does it.

Try and pull your resources. SPC has Women on the Way and talk to them about any scholarships you can get to help boost your income. Also, try and just use whatever you can get from the state to help you in the next couple years. There will never be a perfect time honestly. I know moms of teenagers who still feel guilty about committing so much time to school. Also of you can fill out a FAFSA and see what grants you could possibly get from the state as well.

SPC is actually a decently priced program so research it and call people. It may even require to physically go in there and talk to someone. And just so you know many of the guidance counselors don't really know about the nursing program. My advise is cut the BS and talk to people at HEC, they're the ones who actually know about the programs and are very helpful.


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I am currently a student @ SPC...and you are in school for 1/2 the day 4 days a week most of the time and spend a lot of time studying. I do not have children, but I want some and have decided to wait until I am finished with school to have children. I don't want to neglect my children or school obligations. I guess it is different with each person. Good luck to ya :)