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I'm really concerned about this. I'm a new grad LPN. I've been orienting at my first job for two weeks now. I'll start working 11-7 next week (I've been on days so far) and I still don't know all 40 residents that I'll be responsible for by name. It's a lot to take in and remember. They should all be in their beds with their names outside on the wall when I go out on my own but I can see how it would be easy to get distracted and confused.

It's just so different from where we did clinical at the hospital. There were name bands and most of the patients were able to give you their name and DOB. Any helpful tips?

:dancgrp:I have found some med passes like this. I find it helpful as a reminder to myself, to slow down and do three checks. The GNA's are a wealth of knowledge, also sometimes patient's have labeled clothing, and some patien'ts do help by saying oh that's so and so. Also it is helpful to have a convenient list for yourself of physical characteristics, ex, eye glasses, if they wear oxygen etc. Good luck, I also do ltc and work with Alzheimer patients..

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In my facility, all resident's MARs are required to have their picture, name and DOB in it as well as ID bracelets. We change the pictures annually in that way its up to date. Just an FYI, room numbers and names outside the rooms is not a good patient indicator.

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Ask the resident, ask staff, ask family if they are there. Never be afraid to ask.

Ask the DON if they can update the pictures and name tags. That was one of our duties on 11-7....make new arm bands as needed.

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