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Hi All,

I am hoping you can all help me, Allnurses have helped me in the past and I could do with a little bit of advice today!

I am currently in a secondment as an acute pain nurse at my trust and I have to reapply for my job hopefully making it permeant. I hate interviews and I have never had to do a presentation for a job.

I have been asked to create a presentation the question being

'how do you see the acute pain service developing in the future and what would be your contributions'

I have so many ideas but finding it hard to find the evidence to back it up.....

I really appreciate any help!!!!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Sorry but I don't really have any relevant input since I'm in the US - just an observation.... Acute pain signifies a serious underlying medical condition - requiring physician intervention. Unless you're in an advance practice role, nursing scope of practice would be very limited in this situation until the physician has determined a course of treatment.

Hi HouTx, Thank you for your reply, but the acute pain service is an advanced practice role that supports patients on the wards post op, supported by a lead physician. I have to create a presentation that supports the developement of this role and was hoping to get a bit of advice on here, but not sure if I have posted in the right section.

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I have moved this to the UK forum where you may get some more UK based answers

Have you checked Nursing Times or Standard out they used to have good articles

Thank you Silverdragon102, I am struggling a bit if I am honest, just hope I can get some of it done today

GrumpyRN, NP

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Bandolier - Evidence based thinking about health care



Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)


Royal College of Nursing | The voice of nursing in the UK

Have you tried any of the above? I appreciate a couple of them are Scottish but you may still be able to use them. Are you a prescriber? If so bring that in. If not point out that you would benefit from the course.

A short powerpoint presentation with 5-6 relevant slides and remember handouts.

Thank you so much, Ill have a look now, I am really struggling to keep it brief but include all the relevent information.