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PRErequisite biochemistry


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Hi all. I've posted a couple of questions on here and actually not getting any responses, so I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I cannot seem to follow where my posts go! :-)

I am looking for an online biochemistry course (introductory would be fine). I am taking my first course in chemistry now and it covers actually general, some organic, and touches on biochemistry, but I will need to take another course. I can go with Chemistry II or take biochemistry. Any suggestions? I will need to find one soon to get registered because I have to take it this summer!

I'm currently taking an online biochem course through CalCampus. It's a little over 700 bucks, but it's the cheapest I've seen for online courses. The class lasts for about 12 weeks. No lab required for this course.

Your best bet is to contact the school advisor and ask for recommendations. They will not recommend a course that the school will not accept.

If you did well in Chemistry I, you might just want to roll into Chem II.

Biological Chemistry can be quit different then what your use to. It all depends on the course though.


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I had the same requirements. My school offered General Chemistry I & II, so I took the first semester in the Fall and am taking the second semester now. What's nice about the Gen Chem's is that they touch on everything...the first semester was all about inorganic chem, and now the second semester is about 3/4 organic chem and 1/4 biochem. And the school I applied to accepts the Gen Chem's, which is the most important part! You should check to see how the Chem II class is structured at your school, because it may expose you to a little more than just a Biochem class. As for the online course, I can't really help you there, since my school asked that all our Chem classes have labs (and my CC doesn't offer science labs online, unfortunately). Hope this helps a little!

How are you liking the CalCampus course? I am currently taking it at Berkeley and I am thinking about dropping it and going through CalCampus. Berkeley has me writing essays for all assignments and exams. I am nervous that I will not pass with this format of exam. Please share your experience with CalCampus. Thank you so much!

I've taken both General Chemistry I & II both and Biochemistry I & II both. (I have a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Decided to go back to school for a second baccalaureate degree in nursing [bSN]) Just my opinion... But if you have your choice of taking Gen Chem II or Biochem... I would take the Gen Chem... its much, much easier! Gen Chem II is more of a simplified, survey course.. and sure it has a little bio, organic, etc... but not at the same level and depth as a whole course on just Biochem. I think it would be hard to go from Gen Chem I straight to Biochem. It's a very different type of course than Gen. Chem is. (I took Gen Chem I, Gen Chem II, Organic I, and Organic II all before I took Biochem I and Biochem II. That is the recommended progression at the university I attended for Chem minors)


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Hi there! Thanks for responding. It has been quite some time since I took the course I took through CalCampus - I think it was microbiology - unfortunately the nursing school I applied to said NO to that course! So, I am taking microbiology again! :-((((

I actually dropped the CalCampus class because I got accepted into a different school's program and didn't want to take it anymore, lol. But for the few weeks I was taking the class it seemed doable. You turned in one written assignment per week, as well as a quiz. All notes and study materials were online through the website, no outside textbook required.