Preparing for MSN-FNP... The equipment edition


I'm curious. I'm starting an FNP program in the fall and am trying to get my ducks in a row. The question is... Do I need to have both a regular adult stethoscope and a pediatric stethoscope? I know that in our local children's hospital, the nurses in the nursery use infant steths, but those working "peds" just use run-of-the-mill adult steths. Should I look into pediatric or infant stethoscopes for clinical work? Ultrascope has one with an available dual head, so the head can be swapped from adult to peds if need be... But, if I don't need multiple steths, I love my Littmann. :inlove:

What will serve me best in the long run? Would love to pick your brains!

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I'm an RN in the ER and I purchased a cardiology III. In the ER, 90% of the providers I have worked with have some form of Littmann. Cardiology III or master cardiology are the most common ones I see. The anesthesiologist resident who did a rotation had a classic II.

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The classic 3 has a dual head

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Speaking of potential equipment you may want, you may want to look into A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests. I just cracked mine open for patho and I like it so far. I bought an international edition for a little bit cheaper. Not sure what my professor will think of the published location.

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I second the Littmann Cardiology III. It has both an adult and pediatric side and like all Littmann scops (I think), they have that pressure-sensitive diaphragm.

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I honestly think the Littmann Cardio III is the best. I think my master cardiology doesn't sound as well. Maybe I'm crazy though or the cardio III is molded to my ears perfectly.