preparing the demon... is it enough?


Okay so this is how i am preparing for the nclex... please tell me if it is enough? I have the Kaplan review textbook, no cd with it. I also brought the kaplan qbank (been scoring in the 60's), saunders book but is is the 2nd edition, no cd (bought used on ebay), and nclex flash cards. Ohh and access to ATI testing, been scoring in 60-70's. My test date is Aug. 29th at 2pm. Twently days away. Practining 200 questions a day (hopefully reaching 3500- 4000 questions before the test). and reading the thread Random facts non stop.

Is this enough??? My test scores are not that high so i am worried. My ATI predictor was an 85% on passing the nclex on the first try. But I did not study for it being I did not realize that it would predicte my passing rate.

What was your schedule or plan???? Any insight is wonderful. Thanks in ahead of time!!

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