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I was wondering if anyone had any idea what a typical , non complicated prenatal visits for the entire pg would cost. Also would this cost include the Dr. or Midwifes service at the hospital. I realize that the hospital has their own charges. If I remember correctly mine was around 1800.00 for my midwives service which was covered by insurance all but 20%. This was 4 years ago, does this price seem correct? Thanks for any info.


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Mine was $2500.00 and that is for the entire prenatal period and delivery (as long as no section). This was a practice with two midwives and two dr's.


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It really varies a lot by area and type services you want. It can be on the lower end (midwives are much less expensive) or very high, if you need perinatalogist's and neonatologist's services. Like you said, Hospitalization and anesthesia bills add to it, as well. You really need to know where you are talking about needing prenatal services. The cost vary so much by state and hospital and by what you need. It would help to know where you plan to deliver and then check around with midwives and doctors in that area to find out what you are looking at, and if insurance would cover all, part of none of their services. Best wishes.

Prenatal care for my last pregnancy (baby born last dec so it's pretty recent) was $2700. That's with an OBGYN, no complications and didn't include hospital costs, lab fees, etc. I didn't have insurance though so I don't know if that made a difference.


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Thanks for the information, I am not pg, its a class activity for PSY and the internet believe it or not was not helpful. Many in my class say that it is way to expensive so why bother having prental care...crazy I think. This is enough info for me to make my argument.


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