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Good night everyone I have a question I have 5 months pregnant with twins... I work 11-7 shift and the facility I work for just admitted a 600 pound 23 year respiratory failure patient. The night she was admitted I was there. I never told my supervisor that I was pregnant and I'm not showing as yet. She asked many staff members to go in their and move the patient to the bathroom I explain I can't lift and strain myself she ask why I told her and she went to the office in the am. Now they want proof I'm pregnant and why can't I lift because my job description says I have to lift at least 51 pounds . No problem i said. But then I talked to other woman who was pregnant and they didn't have to have a letter of proof. But based on my size I'm 5'11 and weight 190 they think I can lift more. So I considering quitting. I'm the only one who have to write a letter to the don and Human Resources nobody ever did it so I just feel like they are discriminating against me for this

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If you are considering quitting anyway, I say don't go out without a fight. Make a stink about it because that is a problematic culture and they should not get away with treating you like. that. You are a professional and need to demand respect. Sorry if im passionate but Im dealing with some stuff at school and I might be dealing with transfurance here.

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I was 5 months along when I started my job, and they told me they couldn't accommodate a lifting restriction. 50 lbs or no job... which was fine because I was healthy and lifted my 50 lb children every day.

I'm not sure why requiring documentation is discriminatory... I mean if you were asking for a lifting restriction for back pain they would require documentation too. Maybe it's a policy change since your coworkers were pregnant, maybe they were supposed to but didn't due to simple oversight.

It's not difficult to get the letter even. Just call your clinic, ask for the letter and provide your EOHW's fax number.

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