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Pregnant and going to nursing school


Has anyone had experience with being pregnant and preparing for nursing school? I am due in November and am not worried about handling the course work but just realized that I won't be able to get some of the required immunizations. Does anyone know how the school may react? I am going to speak to them this week but just thought I'd see if anyone else had a similar situation. I am supposed to be clinical ready by September : /

I am also pregnant and due in august. I am still doing my prerequisites so i'm not sure about the immunizations. Good luck to you though. Glad to see someone else is expecting :)

Thanks! Good luck to you too! I have been killing myself trying to get these prereqs done by September. I really hope it is not all for nothing!

I saw and heard people who are pregnant and in nursing school. It is difficult thing to do as it can be exhausted, but it is NOT impossible to do. I saw many people have done it and made it. Just make sure the time when you are due and the time when you are in school will not conflict or the school will let you make up the workload. Just talk to your school about it.


Thanks so much Candyn! I definitely will talk to my professors right away. Thankfully I have always done well in school. I just hope they don't give me any problems about not having all the immunizations right away. Oh well, I guess I will see this week! Good luck to you with your endeavors as well : )

hey! i'm due in october, but i have completed my perquisitesalready. i just transferred in from epcc (el paso, tx) to aiken tech. i'm notsure how they will react to that news when i do tell them, but the professorsat epcc didn't have a problem with it. good luck to you and i know you can do it. i was pregnant when i was also getting my degree for cma. as long as time very thing you will be fine. :nurse: