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I will be completing nursing school May 2020. My husband and I are both excited to start a family but wanted to wait until I was almost completely done with school before trying. Is it better to get pregnant during the last semester of nursing school or wait until I have graduated? I already work for a doctor so I have a job once I have completed the program.

Any advice would be great!

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Don't have a baby. Get a cat instead. Cause cats are awesome!

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For most people - babies aren't as planned as you would like them to be. Depending on your birth control method it may take time for your body to readjust. Having said that, if I could choose when to have a child I would wait until after I had completed my NCLEX. Morning sickness sucks - doesn't mean you will have it but if you do it sucks - I know one person that was hospitalized for it. Pregnancy messed with my brain - I was as dumb as a rock. Things I thought I knew I quickly forgot. My daughter was born in February - I froze up the air conditioner in December, January and February. The AC man was furious with me because apparently 70 is cold enough in the winter time - he said I should open more windows (we live in the south - it is routinely in the 60s this time of the year and it was 85 the day she was born) and something about you can only expect so much from a piece of machinery. I would specifically choose to be very preggo in the coldest months - being preggo in the summer months would have been utterly miserable for me. That's me. Being pregnant can be symptom free for many people - I was not one of them. I would not CHOOSE to inflict any additional potential issues into my life during nursing school or until I officially have those letters behind my name. I'm even doing maintenance to my house now (painting, fencing, etc) so that hopefully the next 2 years are event free for me.

Babies come when babies come - they are a blessing. But nursing school is certainly easier without a tiny human to care for.


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How old are you? One thing that pissed me off in nursing school was people telling me not to have a baby. Then after graduating, nobody thought it was the right time. Then after getting my first job nobody thought it was a good time.

I'm 37 with PCOS, endometriosis and uterine fibroids. I'm pretty certain now I'm never having kids. This has to come down to a personal choice and NO ONE else's opinion. Ask for people's experiences and how they did it, but not for IF you should do it.

Plenty of women make it through somehow. I had many pregnant classmates. Some had to retake a year, but they still made it. One got pregnant in nursing school TWICE! She graduated right next to me. I have no idea how they do it. But don't let anyone tell you that you can't. You don't know.