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Pregnancy and OB Nursing


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This is for the OB nurses out there..

I became a nurse with the intention of working in labor and delivery. I did my practicum experience in nursing school in L&D and felt like it was my calling. Due to the competitiveness of such positions and hiring freezes in my area around the time I graduated nursing school, I was not one of those lucky new grads who landed an OB position. I have experience in Med/Surg as a staff nurse and charge nurse, and am now working in a large ICU at a great facility. I am very thankful for the experiences that I have had as a Med/Surg nurse and ICU nurse, but I still feel like it is not my calling. Currently the hospital I work for is recruiting ICU nurses for the L&D department as there are several openings. I feel like I should go for it since it is my dream job, but I am hesitant right now because I am 6 weeks pregnant with my first child. My question is: would it be a bad idea to begin working in L&D as a pregnant nurse? My hospital deals with the most high-risk pregnancies and births as we have one of the top rated NICUs around. I know that if I decide to make the transfer, I need to do it ASAP before I am visibly pregnant, so I feel pressured to decide SOON. Also, I am planning on delivering here. Does anyone have experience delivering their baby on their unit? Would it be as awkward as I am thinking, or am I putting too much thought into this? :sleep:

I really appreciate any feedback from anyone!


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I say if it's your dream and they're recruiting, then do it! Being pregnant might make some of the work more emotional but I think you'll do great.

As for delivering where you work--most of the staff on my floor say they wouldn't go anywhere else, and the few that do are doing it because they want midwifery care. That's not the case everywhere, I know, so it would really be up to your comfort level and the only way you can determine your comfort level is to go for it :)

I would say if it's your dream job do it. I had already been working on my unit for several years before I had my first and the only thing that was dfferent was that once I was visibly pregnant, they stopped having me work with the IUFD's as they do for all pregnant nurses( for the sake of the patients and not our own comfort, though I was very glad to have a break from them while I was super hormonal).

I delivered all of my babies on my unit and wouldn't have it any other way, if you've seen one vagina, you've seen em all and there was nothing less then prefessionalism from my colleagues. I certainly had no desire to go to another hospital where I was unfamiliar with the staff and the policies/procedures.

It's no point working in an area you don't like. If you want to be an OB nurse them hurry up and apply.


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I have many friends from nursing school who delivered on their units. Definitely not awkward, just exciting and joyous! To be able to share this experience with your work "family"?? Just awesome. Of course...every unit is different. Congrats on your pregnancy!!


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You're putting too much thought into it ;)

Many co-workers have delivered on my unit. It's nice to know the people who are taking care of you. If this is your dream job, go for it. You shouldn't pass the opportunity just because you are pregnant, because who knows when it will come around again. I'd recommend not disclosing your pregnancy until you are well into your 2nd trimester or when it becomes visibly obvious. Congrats on the pregnancy and job opportunity! L&D is amazing and I don't think I could ever do bedside nursing in any other specialty!

Your pregnancy should not bother you when it comes to your career choice. You've mentioned that you intend to work in the L&D department, so now that you have the opportunity, grab it. Your exposure to different labor and delivery experience will also teach you a lot. If you feel comfortable to give birth to the facility where you work, then it might be the best choice since you are already familiar with the facility and environment in general. That would lessen the so many anxieties you will feel during labor and even delivery.:)


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We have had new nurses come in pregnant, some visibly pregnant, without an issue. If this is where you want to go, GO!

I delivered on the unit I worked, and it was a great experience. Well, the birth wasn't a great experience, but the nursing and medical care I got were amazing. I was able to watch all the doctors and figure out which one suited me best. I got his private cell phone number, and when I went in labor, he came in for my delivery even though he wasn't on call (and all of our doctors do this for our pregnant L&D nurses). Yes, it is a bit weird having a person who is a good buddy at work see me naked, but the trade off is that I was treated like a queen. I still use the same doctor for gyn stuff several years later, and he's also been known to call me in abx for sinus infections and stuff if I send him a pleading text. I picked the nurse I wanted, I picked the labor room I wanted. The only thing I couldn't choose was anesthesia personnel, and anesthesia was the only issue I had in L&D. I am a big advocate of delivering where you work. What does it say to coworkers and physicians if you work there and choose to go somewhere else?