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Hi everyone.  I am a student at Maryville University's FNP program.  Our program does not help us find preceptors.  I have used matchNP for helping me find a preceptor and it was stress free, easy and I had a great experience (highly recommend).  I was wondering if there were any other ways to find a preceptor for my last rotation? I have used social media and LinkedIn aside from calling offices.  

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In IL, I used the IL Society of Advance Practice Nurses - they keep a list


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Use facebook as a tool! Join the facebook groups labeled "NP preceptors or your local states NP groups ie: NY NP's" and ask for anyone looking to help out. That's how I found all of my preceptors and did not pay any fees. You will be surprised! 

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Is anyone else upset that students all have to find their own preceptors these days?  What are they even paying the school for?  They find a preceptor, the preceptor educates the student, and the school... collects the tuition.  


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I am an FNP student at university of central missouri and am not having any luck finding a preceptor for fall2023. It is my last semester and need an NP or MD for 110 hour starting in  October 2023 in primary/ family/ or internal med. Any leads or guidance would be great. Thank you

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