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Hello everyone,

As a student going into my third and final clinical rotation, I have had to deal with the horrors of trying to find a preceptor in the nick of time to start the rotation.

I tried calling clinics... that hardly EVER resulted in a return phone call. I tried to bum a few preceptors off of other students that I worked with. That gave me a few options, but they ended up not working out for various reasons. The way that I found every last one of my preceptors is using the internet. I logged onto the Texas Nurse Practitioner organization website and paid my dues. I searched my area and sent out a BUNCH of e-mails. I would say that at least 70 percent responded- whether it was yes, no, or maybe. Even if it was a "no," I at least HEARD from them! My first preceptor I found from Great site, though options were limited in my area. I was very fortunate that my preceptor said "yes" the very same day I sent the e-mail. My three other preceptors came from e-mailing members off of the TNP website. It's 2013- email is a fast, efficient way to respond to someone. It works.

Which brings me to my next point: many of you have wondered whether paying $250+ to is worth it. I had a moment of weakness (and terror!) that I was not going to find a preceptor in time. It's about time that I tell you about my experience. This company does NOT allow you to call them; there is no phone number even listed. You must e-mail them, and in a day or two you will receive a response. They are supposed to e-mail with updates, but they never do. When I ask for an update, it's "we are still working on your case, but haven't found a preceptor yet." They do not provide statistics on how many clinics they've contacted, if at all. If you ask a specific question, their responses are vague. I know that another student said that this company found them a few good preceptors. I will say that in 6 months of using this company, I have not had a single preceptor result from it. There is no money guarantee.

Hope this helps!

In summary:

1) Try; They do have a nominal charge, but you can search the preceptor list to see if there are even options in your area first.

2) Try your state/local nursing organization

3) E-mail is your friend.

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Do not use preceptor connect bc it is a scam. They took my money and did nothing. After threatening filing with the BBB I was given a refund. They will not you a phone # or a specific person to speak with. All done by email and those are full of grammatical errors.

Go to NP meetings in your state. Join fb NP groups. Network through everyone you know.

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Can you please explain how you were able to get a refund? I feel that this company is preying on the vulnerable.

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I would also like to share an e-mail I sent previously, as well as their response. They are artists in avoiding your questions. Notice in their response to me that they did not address providing a phone number, a person of contact, or answers to any of my questions. In the 5 months that I’ve had with them, I have found 4 preceptors. They have found ZERO. There is no evidence that this company even exists!

“I have been trying to find more information about the service that you're offering, but haven't been able to find much. Also, I could not find a number to call.

I was wondering:

1. What is the average amount of time that it takes your service to locate a preceptor?

2. What is your success rate in locating preceptors for students?

Thank you very much,


This was their response:

Hi Shannon,

Preceptors work on a volunteer basis. There is no way of knowing who is

going to be available until we begin your search and reach out to

practitioners in your area matching your criteria needed. We are here to

assist you in your search in every way possible and continue until you

tell us otherwise.


Preceptor Connect

When I had to request an update, this is their response:

As of today we have made several calls on your behalf to practitioners

matching your criteria. We have encountered offices that are

not available at this time. We are awaiting responses from other

offices and will continue to search on your behalf. During this process

please continue to proceed with your own search efforts and keep us

updated if anything you require changes. We will notify you immediately

when we secure a preceptor on your behalf.


Preceptor Connect

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Get a refund and get away.

This is not how to get a quality preceptorship.

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Bc I was nasty I reported them to the BBB for shady dealings along with other nurses on here. They could provide me no proof that they had ever done anything on my behalf and refused to even speak to me. My Paypal was credited.

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Thank you for your response! They have not responded to me whatsoever. I'm going ahead with the BBB, as well as filing a complaint on the company through Paypal.

Thank you for the information that you provided. I will try this approach.



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I live in Minnesota and I attend an online program (USA). I desperately looking for preceptor for fall at this last minute because I have not been able to secure a single preceptor. I might have to extend my program until next Fall(2015). All suggestions are welcome right now because I don't know what else to do. Thanks guys


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thanks for the advice. I am applying to FNP programs and not finding a preceptor is already a nightmare. I am hoping by now as the years roll by, more APN are willing to precept after being in our shoes.