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i will be starting my pre reqs for pre nursing my math is terrible i am taking the pert test to see where i am at i know it will be the lowest math i have been out of school for 20 years and decided to come back to proceed my dream i am a medical assistant graduated in 2008 and have worked as such is t ok to start so low on bath intermediate but i need to learn my math before the harder math and chemistry and statistics so rather learn i guess just i am positive i have always been good at school and love to study i tell me daughter but just a little scared??


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I must admit, your post is a little difficult to read. Is English your native language? If not congrats on learning the fundamentals, I wish I knew a second language. I couldn't really find a question to answer in your post; did you have one? Or are you just needing moral support and encouragement?


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The OP seems to have been the victim of autocorrect. Only speaking from my experience of trying to post from my phone.


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this is true my auto correct and to medical partisan yes English is my native language i just rambled on my question was i am starting my pre-reqs for pre-nursing and i probably will be starting at intermediate math since terrible and out of so long ago is that ok should i be worried to start at the lowest math? To me better to understand what is coming like chemistry and statistics just asking and i am raised and born in my big apple New york

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I started with Algebra I last semester and am taking Algebra II right now. Once I was in the classroom it all started to come back to me, don't worry. In my Algebra II class right now I have a 105% I have missed 1 question all semester. I am taking College Algebra over the summer online and I am scared to death. I am really nervous about doing an online class to begin with but algebra? But I have to due to several trips I will be taking this summer with my son and his judo team. I keep telling myself all I need is a C to pass, all I need is a C to pass.

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Start at whatever level you need to be successful. It won't count against you- it will show you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.


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Wow, that was quite a run-on sentence!

Whatever level you start with is no biggie, honestly. I put off math for SO long out of fear, and had been out of high school at least 10 years before I finally bit the bullet and went for it. I didn't do as bad as I'd imagined, and being placed into the proper math really helped me to succeed. I ended up with As in math for the first time in my life! Don't stress too much, and just go for it. :)


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thank you and i will succeed

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