1. [font=franklin gothic medium]yesterday i went a newly opened nursing school in my city which is privately owned called joseph's school of nursing with my mother.. i really was just going to check it out and actually enrolled right then and there into their lvn program . this week has been crazy today i go up to my high school to finish my last credit. i been pushing to finish early and now i'm done!!(graduation is the may 29). so then my mom paid for the first two months tuition the total price for the school overall is $16,000 which is the cheapest i have found in california. they also gave me scholarships to sign up for as well. they then gave some things to study for the the entrance exam(which i passed of course! ). they ordered my uniform and books, told my mom and i that i had to go out and buy scrubs and shoes in the mean time till they come. quan my bf was excited for me as well his only concern was if they were accredited with the bvnpt (board of vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians). which i knew they were. i had when on the site and called the board to double check :d about a month ago when i had wanted to do my cna there.

    [font=franklin gothic medium]my father and mother will be helping me with most of the tuition for now but i'm hoping to get on a couple of scholarships plus i have money set aside for school as well from great grandmothers and such. also, when i turn 18 in september i can get on state assistance and the state will pay for my tuition. also get a job as well.:spin:

    [font=franklin gothic medium]my little girl is 2 and she was so excited to see me in my scrubs when i told her ill be going to school to be a nurse now. she told me now i can be her doctor so she doesn't have to go and get shots anymore

    [font=franklin gothic medium]i feel truly blessed this week ill be officially done with high school and starting nursing school not to mention my bf quan found a job!!!

    [font=franklin gothic medium]now i have to start writing an essay for these scholarships. =d
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    Congrats! I have been attending my CC since 2006 and I will be finally starting the nursing program next Monday. I put on my nnursing uniform for my husband and children, they were like finally! Once your dream becomes a reality it all sinks in and all of your hard work was worth it.
  5. by   Lilyanni
    congrats and good luck in nursing school.
  6. by   mariposabella
    Thats awesome, congrats!
  7. by   Cathylady
    You are truely a success story! You're doing the best thing for your little girl, she'll have a mommy that she will always be proud of knowing that you worked so hard to give her a good life. The sky's the limit for you!
    God Bless you!
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  9. by   heyitsjaii
    thank you everyone!!