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I found out that I was accepted by Lakeview School of Nursing direct entry to BSN. Will start August 2007 at EIU campus. Would like 2 hear from other applicants or former students about their... Read More

  1. by   schoolmack
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is so nice to read about students who finally meet their goal. My semester ends officially tonight and I should hear in the next couple weeks, and your acceptance makes me very excited! GOOD FOR YOU!!! GOOD LUCK!!
  2. by   lynz06
    Thanks so much

    I have to complete the Statistics program that they teach to their students that starts on Friday. It will be pretty extensive, Fridays 6-9 and Saturdays 8-5 but its only for 5 weekends. It's an hour and half drive, so I will be tired for about a month. But it's worth it to be accepted to a BSN school..

    I just wish I knew some people that were accepted here as well for this term. It'd be great to get to know some classmates.
  3. by   schoolmack
    I have an accelerated Stats class this summer too... it is a 5 week course, but I am hoping it will go by fast!
    Crazy thing is, I am taking Microbiology and Organic Chem this summer too! I know it is a lot, but I am hoping that I can just dedicate myself 110% and be done with 3 tough classes by August!
    Good Luck with everything!