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have you taken the wonderlic test? it is that 50 question 12 minutes test... i took and my score was 27 to enter the program they were taking 24 and up but looking for at least 26 have you... Read More

  1. by   morte
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    From morte:

    wonderlic.com looks like an Preemployment tool, what does it have to do with NS?

    It only took 12 minutes to take so it gives an admissions type something to look at quickly to see how you're able to think.
    but it appears that they are customized to the job, didnt see "student" testing mentioned....
  2. by   GizmosMom
    From morte:

    but it appears that they are customized to the job, didnt see "student" testing mentioned....

    I'm no testing expert, but to me it seemed like a pretty general-type test that could be applied to a job or student situation - basic math and reading skills - and I think a lot of the reason admissions or HR people would like it is because it only takes 12 minutes to take.
  3. by   midcom
    The school I went to requires all students, no matter what program they are taking, to take the Wonderlic test. However, they actually give you 3 chances to get the required score. I test easily & got a 42. I was told it was the highest score they had gotten.
    I worked in a factory that went out of business. Since so many people were going to be unemployed the state offered a grant to send us back to school for training. The agency used the Wonderlic to determine if you could handle the schooling. They assigned a score to every career, for instance I believe you needed a 24 to be a computer programmer, maybe 30 to be a doctor. Not sure what you needed to be a nurse. If you didn't get a high enough score, the agency wouldn't authorize payment for your education because they felt you would just drop out due to frustration. They'd advise that the person choose another job.
    Prsonally, I feel that the reason I tested well on it is also why I was able to succeed in nursing school. We are taught to think critically. I think I already had that skill & used it to pass the test.
  4. by   iwillbanurse08
    I have to take the wonderlic test to apply for an LPN program. I was wondering is there anything i can study prior to taking the test i wanna get a good score the first time around, and make a good impression to make my chances of acceptance higher. Any information or tips would be appreciated. Im sort of nervous. Thanks:bowingpur
  5. by   GizmosMom
    The WonderLic test takes only 12 minutes. Take a look at this link:

  6. by   9livesRN
    you have to be quick 12 minutes and you have 50 questions...
    i think anywhere higher then 26 is good

    please note: pay atention to de proverbs... cuz i did not know a few of them, i could have scored better, even though i got a 27