Will I get in?

  1. I am sooooo scared of not getting into Nursing School! I used to be confident that it would all work out and I would get in. But over the last couple months my top schools changed their requirements so that I won't be able to apply (won't finish pre-reqs in time) so now I've had to make a new list of schools and given up even applying to my #1. But I'm discouraged and for some reason I don't feel like I'll be able to get in.

    I only have one more semester of pre-reqs. So far I have an A in all classes I've completed and the classes in progress are all high B's or A's.

    This summer I'm getting my CNA diploma and will hopefully start working right away so that I can get experience.

    I don't know why I feel like I'm not going to get in!! I have a list of about 10-12 schools that I'm going to apply for.

    Is this just the pre-application blues? I'll start filling out all the applications in October yikes!

    Any advice or encouragement is appreciated.
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  3. by   jeepgrl015
    Where are you located? Try chamberlain college of nursing. They have an open admission policy and I got in my first try. They are an accelerated BSN program so you'll be done in 3 years unless you have PRE reqs already done then it'll be less than that.
  4. by   Kendel.G
    I'm in Cali but I'm open to being out of state :-)
  5. by   lalacb123
    I wouldn't recommend that school. Their tutition is about 85k or so. Try a university. You're stats are great, don't get discouraged. Increase your confidence and have faith in yourself.
  6. by   Kendel.G
    Thanks, lalacb123. I'm applying to
    San Diego State
    Azusa Pacific
    Cal Baptist
    San Jose State
    Northern Arizona U
    U of Michigan
    San Fran State
    Arizona Stat
    & Ohio State
    Hoping I'll get into one of those :-)
  7. by   lalacb123
    OMG! I wish I had that option to apply to that many schools. You are bound to get into one of them!! Keeps us posted!
  8. by   MissNancy
    What requirements did they change over the last few months?
  9. by   Kendel.G
    Miss Nancy, they switched from requiring General Chem instead of Organic and Bio Chem (I'm already halfway through the Bio Organic Chem track so its too late to go back and switch) and my #1 school now requires that you have all your pre-reqs complete before applying and I have one science to do in the Spring semester and their applications are due in January :-(