Why do you want to be a nurse?

  1. Hey everybody! I'm strongly considering applying to nursing school in the next few monthhs, but I was curious as to why everybody has chose nursing as their career path? I think for me it is because I love biology/anatomy and I really want to help people(sorry if that sounds cliche...). anyhow, i just want to kno what your reasons are?

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  3. by   txnursingqt
    I love the sciences too, and I really like to help people. My mom was a nurse and I feel it is in my bones, LOL. I still doubt myself sometimes because I have struggled with what I really want to be, but I am almost 31 years old and don't have time to decide what I want to be when I grow since I should have already grown up!

    I also like the fact that nursing will provide job security and a decent income while also allowing a flexible work schedule.

    But I tend to have the view that when you decide on a career that does not mean that you have to do it forever if you don't want to. If I become a nurse and it turns out that I hate it, then oh well, I will just try something else. I am just looking to find what makes me happy and gives me a life where I am not always living paycheck to paycheck. For me nursing fits that mold.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   july123
    i find it interesting
    i feel i have compassion
    the pay and the number of opportunities in the field
    the almost 100% guarantee that in a bad economy i will be able to get a job and support myself
    i also like the potential to have a schedule i like more
  5. by   AlishiaRN77
    For me it's job security, being able to specialize in a variety of jobs, and being able to work/help people from different backgrounds/cultures.

    I love learning about the human body. I find it fascinating how our bodies work and what works against it, etc. So the sciences definitely intrigue me. (Probably really makes me sound like a nerd..lol)

    I, too, have immediate family members who are nurses. Some complain, but most of the time they enjoy their lives. Having the flexibility of days they work, being able to move to a different state with little to no issues of finding work....
  6. by   Ike Arumba
    i want to be a nurse for many reasons. the main one is because i keep having this nagging feeling that i should be "doing" something with my life, instead of takng up space. :d but seriously, i think nursing would fit that because i can help save someone's life, or make the end of their life easier, then i will have fulfilled a purpose bigger than myself. that may sound corny, but it's one of my main motivations.

    that being said, the other reasons are pretty much the same as a few of the other posts, job security, flexibilty, no longer living paycheck to paycheck...all those are good perks too.
  7. by   3rdgenRN2B
    My grandmother was a nurse, my mom is a nurse, and several of my cousins are nurses. So I guess it's in my blood. I also like the prospect of job security and no longer living paycheck to paycheck. I want something that will be intellectually stimulating. I work in retail right now and sometime feel like my brain is rotting away. I also like that I will have a job that offers the flexibility of different shifts so that I will be able to be there for my daughter as she goes through school. And finally, I've always seen myself as a "do gooder" and the idea of making a difference in someone's life and being able to help people seems to fit my personallity.
  8. by   ChristineN
    I spent most of my teen years helping take care of a sick parent. I started hearing alot from relatives that I was "so good with her" and that I would "make a great nurse." I had never really considered nursing, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided to pursue it. I wanted to see a "happier" side of nursing, so when I started school, I was dead set on being a L&D nurse. Silly me, once I started school I saw it wasn't all I thought it would be. Instead, I found my niche in peds.

    Other things that attracted me to nursing including flexible hrs, variety of working areas, and opportunities for career advancement.
  9. by   DeterminedtobeRN08
    I want to be a nurse because I love challenge. I love to learn and love multi-tasking. Of couse for others reasons like helping others and so on but I have found that most every job I have ever had was boring. I was too smart for the job and wasnt learning anything. Nursing is a career were you will always be learning. Also job security and earning a good salary is a plus as well but I have always wanted to be a nurse going back to my childhood days I finally decided to put myself to the test I know I can do it thats not the question, I just am interested and excited to see how college. I am a single mom with two children I have never attended college so this coming january will be a first!
  10. by   britdell
    good luck to you deternmined rn! im glad to hear many of you have some of the same reasons i do for attending nursing school, i thought everybody grew up dreaming to be an rn! lol.

  11. by   taodepooh
    My reasons for going for the RN degree are much the same as the ones listed above. I went for my degree in my 20's but decided to change majors and to try something new. After following that different dream for about 13 years I realized that my original dream to be an RN and to help people had not died. The calling was still there. I'm 33 and have 3 kids and a very supportive hubby and family now. I want to be a role model to the kids and show them that Mommy can do whatever she puts her mind to and that it's never too late to pursue a dream or goal. I also want them to know that as you get older that your goals and ideas can change and that it can be a totally positive thing to grow and try new ideas out.