Which route to take? BSN or RPN?

  1. SO I got call today from another university that has left me with a bit of puzzlement

    Ok so the call i received today was from ... lets say school A. School A orginally was my first choice. The school has smaller classroom sizes, which is the main reason it was my first choice. School A has the RPN route.

    (Where I live, the program is about 2 yrs maybe a little longer due to the practicum. I figured If i went this route I could be making good money in 2 yrs so I could work a good paying job a bit while i continued school resulting in my rn. ( to complete my Rn if I took this step would result in myself having to transfer school B and recieve my rn anyway after 2 more years of school.)).

    earlier when I was applying with school A, I had to jump through hoops and get screwed over. Not gonna get into the whole story but basically there was some complications and I was told I was on a waiting list to see if I could get in. This worried me a great deal because I had worked my butt off to get into school in the fall. When I found out I might not get in this year for sure I applied school B nd shortly after, I was notified that I was accepted into school B.

    I decided to think about being received by school B in a positive way and I took some time on several occasions to go and view the school, and try to get to know it. (This university is insanely big but the did build a section specifically for the BSN program. ) I also decided I was going to be excited that even though this wasnt my main plan, I will still be on my way to getting my BSN/ RN.

    I guess my question to you peeps is: which one is the smarter route? I mean if I'm in BSN can I get a job as a nursing student in 2 years and still work when im in school? Would I be wasting my time going through the RPN to RN?

    please help!
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  3. by   Alex8291
    I would say that going straight to get your BSN would be the wisest choice...after a couple of clinicals are under your belt you can work as a CNA while still going to school. Usually this is about 2 years in. Plus, once you get out and take the NCLEX...BAM! You're a RN.

    I just took the NCLEX a couple of weeks ago and passed...it feels so good to be a registered nurse...it's a tough program and it won't be easy, but trust me, it's going to be so worth it! Now go on...go get that BSN!!!
  4. by   Miasharn
    After a year in the RN program, you can also test to take the PN.
  5. by   Miiki
    Quote from amoslpn
    After a year in the RN program, you can also test to take the PN.
    That depends on the state.
  6. by   Dezy
    I have heard rumour that if you are in the BSN you can not become licensed as a LPN. I don't really understand why... the course I think is supposed to be more extensive anyway.

    However I have heard that you can be employed as a nursing student and that they pay the same as they would for a LPN. Every time I ask around for this info no one can confirm this information for me.