Which Instrument Should I Pick? - page 2

I have always loved classical music and I always wished to learn to play at least one instrument. Well, here I am 23 and my mom has finally offered to pay for me to take music courses at college! I... Read More

  1. by   Owensfamily
    Good luck and enjoy your piano classes!
  2. by   aerorunner80
    My first major in college was music performance so I'm quite biased toward the flute! ha!

    Of your options, I would choose the violin. You can do the same things with a violin plus it's portable. You can play it in church (I used to do this with my flute........it's beautiful with the two together), get paid to play weddings, play in an orchestra, play in just a small string ensemble (small ensembles were so much fun!). There are a lot of parts out there for both instruments but I would definately go with the violin.

    Good luck