Which Chemistry Class is best?

  1. I am at a crossroads about which college chemistry class to take. I am a pre-nursing student and looking ahead, I do not know what class to sign up for since they are both an option in my freshmen year. Here are my options:
    -Survey of General, Organic and Biochemistry w/ Lab (4 credit hours)
    -General Chemistry I (5 credit hours)
    I would be able to take the Survey of.. class easily next summer, but if I were to take the gen Chem class, I would still need to take an additional math class. I am in remedial math this semester and next. I was wanting to take the Chem class during the summer next year but if I have to take the math class I can't take my chem class until next fall.

    I was doing my homework at a public place the other day and a lady asked me what I am in school for then told me not to take the gen chem class b/c it is so hard. She said it is much harder than the survey of chem class. Has anyone taken the General Chemistry class and do you have any input about what you would do?
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  3. by   7237dallas
    One of my pre-req's is Fundamentals of Chem which does include a lab, 5 credit hours, which sounds like your Gen Chem class. I'm in Elem Algebra this semester and taking my Chem class next semester. I have heard people say to take the general class because it does help later on in other classes. I'm dreading taking it as well.
  4. by   zack1a
    Last summer I was in your exact position and my advisor, assuming I just wanted to do enough to get by, told me to take Survey of General, Organic and Biochemistry. Approaching the end of the semester I'm really beginning to learn how worthless this class actually is. If you want to take future chem course take gen chem. Basically, it's a science filler course for those who don't want to go any further. Maybe you're happy with an ASN or BSN and don't want to go any further, then it will fulfill your goal. However, if you ever decided to go beyond RN, don't get into nursing, or want to transfer to something different you'll have to start back at square one. In fact, I stay away from courses titled "survey of" anything, especially math! If you only want to do the minimum, which is fine college=money, take the class. If you want to going into graduate work that requires chemistry or you plan on transferring at some point take general. IMO it's the most universally accepted chemistry transfer course.Best of luck to you! BTW, I'm an ASN RN working towards my BSN with a goal of going into graduate work.
  5. by   Streamline2010
    If all you need for AS or BS or diploma is the Survey class, then I'd take that. Nursing doesn't use more than a smattering of stuff that's in General Chem. And the immediate goal is Nursing. After you get the RN,, there is nothing stopping you from going back part-time to pick up whatever more detailed chem you might need.

    Also, the survey covers organic and biochem, and General Chem is just inorganic, so that's one more reason to take Survey now and go back and pick up the others chemistries when you actually need them.

    What does your adviser say about it?

    re. what's harder: Yes, the General Chem will be "harder" because it is more oriented toward people who will be going into sciences or possible chemical engineering. To get that complete sequence would proably be 4 to 5 full-semester courses: Gen Chem I & II, then probably Organic I & II, then maybe Biochem for a semester? I don't know without looking it up. But that would be 'way overkill for getting your R.N. So, that is why I said take Sruvey, because it meets your goal and gets that chem requirement off your slate fast & with minimal effort.
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  6. by   zoe92
    I would take the survey class. If you have the freedom to choose and gen chem requires an extra math class, then I would just do the survey class.
  7. by   NicoleH405
    So I have been looking at my options, I think i may change major to Pre-Baccalaurate Nursing with Biology Concentration (AS) then go to UCO for my BSN. I can't start school till my youngest is in all day anyways and that is three years from now so I wouldn't be able to enroll in nursing courses until then. I might as well do it this way... so looks like I will take gen Chem. Thanks for feedback all!