When do I go to nursing school?

  1. I'm in 11th grade now and I've been looking into going to nursing school. I don't know if you have to take prerequisites first at a college or university and then get accepted into nursing school, or if you go straight to nursing school after high school. The only problem I have is that my gpa is a 2.6 now and there's no chance of me bringing it up. I messed up 9th grade which caused all this but I changed and brought it up some. Is there a way I can go to community college and take some courses again so that they'll consider those grades instead of my high school grades. Do they even look at high school gpa. If someone could tell me how this process goes that would be helpful. Also when do I start applying for schools? I know these are stupid questions but I honestly have no clue.
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  3. by   TipsyTurtle
    They do not look at highschool GPA. Process is: you take your pre reqs at a community college or at a university which takes around 2 years then you apply to nursing school. You will then need to take the Hesi or Teas usually which is like an entrance exam also some schools will require essay questions. I had a 2.1 GPA in highschool and just went to a community college to do my pre reqs and now 3 years later I got accepted into a nursing program. You can do it, goodluck!
  4. by   NICU Guy
    Find out which nursing schools that you plan on applying to and look at their pre-reqs.

    You need to be very serious about getting good grades (As and Bs). Nursing schools are very competitive and will take the students with the highest GPAs.

    Stay out of trouble and avoid being friends with anyone that could harm your chances to get into nursing school. There are many posts about failing drug tests for nursing school (don't smoke marijuana) or getting DUIs, pretty crimes, etc. that have hurt their chances at becoming a nurse.
  5. by   Kindahopeful
    Thank you. I was really worried at first.
  6. by   araew2129
    I'd highly recommend taking your prereqs at a community college. It is so much more affordable that way and I have found the classes to be better than any university class I have taken because they are smaller and you get much more personalized help. But, yes the first step is to look at the nursing program you are interested in and let that drive what classes you take. An advisor at the college can be very helpful. You may want to look into the nursing program at your community college. It is a much more affordable way to become an RN. And many have concurrent enrollment programs where you obtain an associates degree from the community college while also doing online theory work to obtain a bachelor's degree from a university at the same time. Many hospitals prefer to hire new RNs who have a BSN.

    P.S. I have a son in 11th grade and I wish he was as serious as you seem to be about planning for a successful future!